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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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The smell of FRAC fish is getting stronger! (05/22/2013)
From: Marilyn DuCett

Despite the presentations of many, many researchers and the constant objections of many, many concerned citizens, the city of Winona continues to ignore the experts and the voices of its residents regarding the frac sand issue. The dock will be built. Certain sand companies will be allowed to operate because THEY are not covered by the (wink, wink) moratorium. There will be increased truck traffic. The bridge over the river as well as the county and city roads will be compromised. The increased noise from the trucks and the frac operations that was promised to stop at 5 p.m. has now been extended to 7. Silicosis is a huge concern. Streams and wildlife will be affected. All activity will be monitored, except when it isn’t. I watched the entrance to Old Goodview Road to see how many trucks are not covered even though the city says they must be. Ah, that pesky detail called “who’s gonna monitor it?” The city coffers will get monies back on the sand. And the city council will vote for the hand that feeds them. There’s that fish smell: the city getting the monies is making the rules??? Where’s the referendum, people of Winona??? Let’s put this out to all the residents of Winona to decide the future of the city, not just the few making the rules and benefitting from them.

There is a meeting on Wednesday at 7 p.m. at LaCanne Park to present the new (oops! I mean grandfathered in!) Biesanz blasting to be done within 500 feet of neighbors backyards in both Knopp Valley and We Valley. New and increased blasting both in duration and intensity is grandfathered in??? Ah, the arrogance of assumption: the blasting will happen. Come and hear how. Did we vote on that? The city promised to work with the neighbors but now it seems that promise was shallow also. Now it’s just showcasing the dynamiters. Fishy, fishy, in a brook… Oops! Guess that won’t be happening either with the polluted streams!

Why is the city council not listening? Why are they voting against the people? Is the fear of being sued by frac businesses that scary? Would that be any less scary than a class action suit brought by the residents? It’s waaaaay past time both for answers and transparency.

Editor’s note: The new commercial harbor has already been built. It was the result of plans that began years ago which predate the frac sand industry in the region.  


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