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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Beacon of light? (06/02/2013)

From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

What nation would shine brighter by having governmental officials that would frequently attack each other like pit bulls? How could any nation shine brighter by having treasonous governmental officials serving (?) in their nation’s capitol, by having governmental officials that are void of reasonableness and goodness, by having governmental officials that act like treasonous, despotic autocrats, by having governmental officials that would accuse their nation of being an evil nation, by having governmental officials whose minds are polluted with vileness? Is God pleased? Proverbs 29:2

Are hateful words such as treasonous, disgusting, disrespectful, shameful, uncivil, slanderous, character assassinating, malicious, by some of America’s governmental officials, going to brighten things up in America? By now most Americans are outraged about the red-hot rancor uttered by some of America’s governmental officials. People realize that wicked words will come from a Marxist state of mind, but that they should not come from those who are supposed to be on freedom’s side, on the side of righteousness. Is God pleased? Psalm 34:13

Is any nation shining brighter when governmental officials snort out their treasonous animosity like Tasmanian devils? Is any nation going to shine brighter by trying to muffle the voice of reasonableness and goodness? Is any nation going to shine brighter if governmental officials burst out their treacherous speech? Are treasonous and hateful words making for a brighter America? Are these words setting a good example for America around the world? Is God pleased? James 3:6,10

How can treasonous and traitorous behavior result in a brighter America? Shouldn’t dishonorable behavior be dealt with swiftly? Shouldn’t those proven to be guilty of treason be fairly judged, incarcerated and faced with even a worse end? Treasonous behavior should always be quickly and severely prosecuted. Such sedition should not be tolerated, yet such vile behavior is going on unprosecuted in our nation’s capitol. Why? Why are our politicians and others not demanding prosecution of those who are guilty of having made treasonous statements against America? Why should everyone remain cowardice (remain silent and be do-nothings) in not protecting their nation from such dangerous rhetoric, especially treasonous rhetoric? Is God pleased? Isaiah 1:4

How could unprosecuted wrongdoing ever brighten up America? To brighten up America, these vile voices need to be squelched and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Such treasonous behavior against America should be nonexistent in the nation’s capitol in Washington, D.C. Making a treasonous statement is criminal, is a most serious offense. Is God pleased? I Corinthians 14:26

Untruthful words greatly dim the brightness of America and the harm that treasonous words could bring upon America and other nations could be catastrophic. Is God pleased? Proverbs 12:22

Is America’s beacon of light shining brightly around the world for others to emulate or is America’s light but a sliver, dim and flickering so that others cannot see America’s goodness? Matthew 5:16 PTL

Ponder Romans 13:12 Philippians 2:15-16 Acts 26:18 John 8:12 


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