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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (06/02/2013)
By Al Owne
Well, that hurdle has been leaped. (Like I could leap a hurdle.) I made a big batch of waffles from scratch. I left that hand written recipe on the back of the envelope in front of me on the kitchen table knowing it would bug me until I tried it.

I carefully searched to make sure I had all of the ingredients, because I know how frustrating it can be to be in the middle of a recipe and find you are missing a teaspoon of something. The directions were written to mix the dry ingredients first with oral instructions to mix them together before adding the sloppy stuff. I measured carefully remembering my daughter telling her mate, who was as clueless in the kitchen as I was, that baking is different than cooking. Cooking you can just throw stuff together, but baking requires sticking closely to the recipe. After adding oil, eggs, and milk, I stirred with my Rachael Ray whisk, leaving some lumps. Then I gave the batter a rest.

All this time the elderly waffle iron was heating, ready to brand some unsuspecting neophyte baker. After the batter and I rested, I opened the lid and poured a dipper full of batter in the center of the iron. Oh, oh, it spread a little too far, but not serious. I closed the top iron and let it steam away. When I opened the senior iron, I saw a nearly perfect golden brown waffle. What little batter had run out on the corner was baked and not a problem. Boy, that felt good. I continued on making quite a batch, eating a few as I went along. It was sort of a long ceremonial breakfast, but it was worth it.

You are probably saying, ďThat all sounds too good for you to have done.Ē You are absolutely right; there were some problems. When I decided to eat a couple of those jewels, I put a cup of coffee to warm in the other kitchen monster, the 1100 watt microwave. The microwave shut off, I opened it, no light went on. The light over the stove was off; I was powerless! The duet of ancient iron and big microwave had blown a fuse or broken a breaker or whatever we call it now. Of course that course of waffles didnít turn out too well. Also, I thought the batter was a little thin. (Now Iím getting to be a kitchen critic.)

I was pleased to see so many folks braved the threatening weather to attend the Memorial Day observances last Monday. It seems to me to be the least we can do to remember those who served our country in times that were very difficult and very dangerous. Itís good to think about where weíd be if it hadnít been for men and women like our veterans who stepped up and sacrificed periods of their lives, and sometimes their lives, to keep our country free. I guess I would like to see less grilling and more observing on Memorial Day.

You can contact me at alnada2704@gmail.com on email or Facebook. 


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