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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Stopping needless deaths (06/02/2013)
From: Bruce L. Montpaisir

Altura, Minn.

People sometimes forget the 2005 United States Census Bureau mortality study that determined about 305 Minnesota, 451 Wisconsin and 220 Iowa residents die each year, simply because they donít have health insurance. If you add up the deaths in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, it amounts to 44,840 American deaths each year, simply because those people donít have health insurance.

The Minnesota Legislature and the governor made it a priority this past session to pass the Minnesota Health Exchange part of the Affordable Care Act to stop these needless deaths.

Republicans, who focused on other peopleís bedrooms and efforts to disenfranchise voters during the two years they were in charge of both the Minnesota House and Senate, have nothing but criticism for the legislation.

Nationwide, the Republicans focus on four Americans killed in Benghazi because they want people to believe they are concerned about Americans needlessly dying, while the House Republicans pass legislation to stop the Affordable Care Act to keep 44,840 American people dying each year. They donít say all those people dying are good for business, but they do imply taking steps to stop those deaths is bad for business.

Republicans also say they are concerned about the number of abortions conducted in this country each year, but are also opposed to birth control. Opposition to birth control goes back to Biblical times, when excess children were commodities that could be bought and sold. Exodus 21:7 lays out the rules for a man selling his daughter as a slave, pointing out that she will not be freed at the end of six years as a man would be. There are different versions, but it seems pretty clear that children were considered an economic commodity and the man with excess children could sell them at a profit. Today excess children make people poor and hungry. There didnít seem to be a lot of after market value for girls that had served six years as concubines, so not freeing them after six years appears to have been a protection.

The interest Republicans have in other peopleís sexual activities and preferences doesnít often connect heterosexual activity with abortions.

Whether women are to become pregnant should be their choice, but it is hard to understand how anyone who believes in a just God can also believe abortion is an appropriate method of birth control. There are multiple methods of birth control available that women can decide on with their doctors that would eliminate conception and abortions.

People are not like cattle, where every trip to the breeding shed is intended to produce a calf. Sex binds a man to a woman and a woman to a man. There are several books on brain research that go into that further but most people seem to know who they want to marry without reading a book and my guess is that few people choose a mate with no intention of conducting that heterosexual activity Republicans are so much in favor of. That Democrats control the House, Senate and the governorís office should make it clear they donít oppose heterosexual activity either.

My background is physical science, but I know people with biological science backgrounds that say if you start a culture in a petri dish it will grow slowly, thrive and then collapse. Planet earth is kind of a gigantic petri dish and we are the culture.  


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