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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Children, meet Jesus (06/09/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


I dedicate this article to our youngest grandchildren, Aviana Marie, Conner Duane, Eli James, and all our 24 grand-and great-grandchildren ranging in age from 6-1/2 months to 40 years old.í

Little children, do you know Jesus (God)? He made you in His image and likeness and He loves you very much. It is so important that you bond with Him. Jesus was born into the world just as you were, depending on His Mother Mary and St. Joseph to fill His needs, growing in wisdom and maturity just as you will. His mission was different than ours in some ways. Jesus was to suffer and die upon a cross to redeem all of us from our sins. Thatís how much He loved each of us, boys and girls. Itís up to us to return that love, to God above all, then our neighbor as ourselves. That is something we work on our whole life, starting as a young child.

Most of us have met Jesus at a very young age - our Baptism. Our great-granddaughter Aviana Marie met Jesus for the first time on May 26, 2013.

As she became a child of God in Baptism, it was such a joyous occasion for so many family members. Those in heaven seated before the throne of God knelt in adoration that God claimed another little soul destined for the happiness of heaven for all eternity. That responsibility falls first upon the parents and godparents, however that doesnít let us grandparents off the hook either, right? I think God expects much from us. Many of us have gone through many knocks in life and perhaps understand even better what really matters most in life. I know for sure itís not material gain or excessive money. Itís storing up treasure in heaven that already brings us joy.

I pray Aviana and all our other grandchildren will keep on confronting Jesus all their lives as they grow in age and wisdom. You were born in Godís image. Now you are being formed into it. Our religion teachers are asked to do that, but parents never ever forget you are their first teachers and your responsibility is great.

Iím sure most parents want the very best for their children, that certainly means more than just excelling in academics and sports. They should also know who made them and why.

Giving them the tools needed to progress through life will lead them to their eternal home - heaven. You parents who still have your children at home with you, choose your time with them wisely. They are thirsting for your love. Give it to them. They are consciously thirsting to know God as well. Teach them to love and live their faith (to live, laugh and love).

It was so edifying witnessing Aviana Marie becoming a child of God. What a beautiful service for a beautiful baby in a beautiful church. It almost made you wonder if you died and went to heaven. After the service we gathered for delicious food and enjoyable fellowship. This indeed was the day the Lord had made. We rejoiced and were glad.

If you meet me and forget me, you havenít lost all that much. Meet Jesus and you forget Him, you have lost everything. 


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