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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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As I leave my sweet home (06/19/2013)
From: Greg Schuh

My name is Greg Schuh, as some of you know. I live a few blocks from here on Highway 35. I’d like to briefly address the diesel issue in regard to excessive fumes in residential areas.

A few weeks after George W. Bush was sworn in in 2002, the fuel industry started blending biodiesel, which is a soy-petroleum combination. I immediately was affected and frequently had to “head for the hills.” The Mayo Clinic diagnosed me with “multiple chemical sensitivities,” and Winona Health tagged me with a chronic case of sirus otitus media, which means ear-plugging from soot-diesel power plant emission and yes, blowing silica from multiple sources.

Soon I also became allergic to many foods containing soy, cottonseed oil, corn syrup, peanut oil, and even meat from animals fed soy in their diets!

As more than 1,500 diesel trucks, 300 rail locomotives, and an assortment of river diesel tows a day ply by my home, it became unlivable there and I can’t horizontalize - go to bed much (I average 4 hours). The house now serves as a “storage shed” which I can visit only a couple hours a day. As of April 29, when the frac sand trucks were added to the fray, I began a nomadic lifestyle. Unable to work on anything there but to pack coolers, wash, a brief loving of my cat, and gather what else I need till I get back. That’s why my artwork came to a standstill.

As I have proposed a few weeks ago at a meeting at Alma, let the conveyance of the frac sand industries needs be fueled by the product they purvey, i.e., natural gas. To the transportation folks out there, let’s get future trucks on the roads that pass through sensitive residential communities to burn cleaner natural gas instead of the dirty and expensive filter changing diesel they now use!

In the interim, encourage the refiners in Chicago, East Tulsa and elsewhere to remove more sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and other harmful compounds that assault our health!

Petition politicians and industry leaders to:

1. Fast track the use of natural gas for transportation even though Detroit and other truck producers may have to upsize their engines a bit.

2. Filter used water better at mine sites.

3. Require land reclamation completely after mining smaller areas to settle airborne sand.

4. And most importantly, at the wellhead to always frac rock formations that lie far below the water table reserves (as most do already); frac rock formations that are capped under impervious anticlines (or domes) or impervious strata.

Let’s get it right from the beginning!

Done correctly, the gas industry can more economically replace or modify dirty coal burning generating facilities that spew harmful pollutants in the air. If the coal industry wants to show us truly clean electrical generation, let them, but it’s far cheaper (up to 6 times) to build gas plants from scratch than build for coal.

From the Leicht Press, “Winona the Beautiful” 1906, “size and numbers may be impressive, but they are no criterion for happiness or comfort when applied to a city beyond a given point. A greater population often means more smoke, more grime, more corruption, squalor and slums.”

I’m looking to move to the north shore of Alaska before I die.

Off the record, I’m offering my home for $200,000 to any enterprise (like a museum, art store or cafe) that might have a use for easy access with one of the best views in the world of the Mighty Mississippi - any less, it’s going to sit and sit and sit till I die.

Nothing we can do is going to stop progress, so let’s protest shoddy, hasty decision-making to boot.



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