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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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A red-hot piece of coal (07/07/2013)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

If someone offered us a book and said, “This is such a good book! I think you would enjoy reading it,” we would probably thank the person and would read the book! We would respond in a positive way to such an offer.

What would happen if someone offered us a Bible and said, “This is such a wonderful book! I think you would enjoy reading it.” Now what would be our response? Heedlessly, there would be many who would respond in a negative way to this offer. Why? Is the Bible a wicked book? What is it about the Bible that brings about outrage in so many people?

We could hand people every book in the world and each one would be taken without raising anyone’s blood pressure. However, if we would hand people a Bible, many people would drop it as though they had been handed a live hand grenade or a deadly snake. Again, we ask why? Does the Bible have some ancient curse on it? Will having a Bible in our possession jinx us? Is the Bible going to influence us in a bad way?

Are there those in the world who would say, “We are afraid to read books, especially the Bible. Books scare us?” Of course not. Nobody is afraid of a book. Right? Wrong. There are many people who are afraid to read the Bible, even though their best friend has written it. No one would be afraid to read a book that was written by a parent, brother, sister or friend, so why would anyone be afraid to read God’s book? Are the pages of the Bible leaking some deadly chemical or do they contain some microscopic, deadly powder that will endanger one’s life? Will having God’s book in our possession result in irreparable and inevitable harm?

How many of us have said, “I’ll never try this or that! I wouldn’t like it!” After we tried it, however, we found out that it was very good? Well, the Bible is not only good - the Bible is the best! The Bible is priceless! The Bible is miraculous! The Bible is life changing! The Bible has God’s plan of salvation in it! Since no other book has the plan for eternal life (God’s plan and promise), why is there such a disinterest and fear in reading the Bible?

What would happen if there was going to be a special sale on a book (will be sold at a specific location and time) that explained how a person could live for two hundred years? There would probably be a life-threatening stampede to get one’s hands on such a book. Well, what about the book that is more precious (it is priceless) than all the books of the world? Let’s get this ridiculous notion out of our minds that has so many believing that the Bible is too hot to handle.

We should not be fearful of placing a Bible in our lap and turning its pages. The Bible isn’t going to hurt us; it will only do us good - lasting good, if we follow God’s instructions in His book. We should hold on to the Bible, read it, cherish it, believe it. In it are God’s words of life - eternal life. It is positively damnable to treat the Bible as if it were a red-hot piece of coal.

Ponder John 12:48 Jeremiah 5:23; 6:19 Isaiah 1:4 PTL



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