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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Choose God (07/14/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


I dedicate this to my children and grandchildren, and all Godís children. I was inspired to write this during the night hours, after saying my midnight prayers.

I pray for my children and all Godís children that they have the ability to navigate through the fog of this world to see the light at the end of the tunnel (death) that awaits them if they hold Godís hand as they walk the road of life. Let them hear His voice as He calls out to all His sheep, ďCome little lambs.Ē (ďIf today you hear His voice, harden not your heartsĒ). I will lead you to your heavenly pastures. Do not consume the poison of this world (sin) that will destroy your soul, but by the bread of heaven (the Eucharist) that will sustain you through the valleys of sin and temptation and lead you to your heavenly paradise.

We, as parents and grandparents want to give our children so many material gifts of this world, trying to bring them joy and happiness (temporary), sometimes with little thought for their eternal happiness forever, but we ourselves canít share a strong faith if we donít have it. ďSeek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to youĒ...the door of faith...to know (the key here is to get acquainted with God), love and serve the very one that holds your destiny in His hands. The one who is all-knowing, all-loving, all-merciful, while yet alive in the world. We have the ability to choose our destination (free will). Choose God and live for all eternity in Godís heavenly garden, or choose the pains of hell forever. As creatures endowed with human intelligence we should be able to choose wisely. Parents, prepare your children to make the right decision. We as parents must not play games with our childrenís salvation. Teach them well to play the game of life. Donít let your conscience justify your thinking that you and they are too busy with other things of this world rather than prayer, attending church, etc. We want our children to be well-educated for good jobs to pay bills and perhaps have an excess of material things, they are all passing.

We plan ahead for retirement, estate planning, make out wills, sometimes even our funerals, yet sometimes give little or no thought to the soul destined to live on forever. I speak out quite boldly on this. We canít go back and change the past (I wish I could), so of such utter importance to strive to do the right thing each passing moment and day. Yes, we havenít always done the right thing. Jesusí suffering and death on the cross takes care of that, if we just ask His forgiveness. In fact, St. Faustina said God desires so much to save every soul that He yet asks them in the end, do you love me and are you sorry? But perhaps that can only be answered in the affirmative if we have practiced those virtues in our lives. Perhaps we donít even think we can be comfortable living amidst God (choosing God) if we barely know Him. ďLearn from me for I am meek and humble of heart.Ē

I consider my faith the greatest gift my parents ever gave me, including their good example.

If we are or have lived a life of sin we may think we will be more comfortable in Satanís company,. No, my friend, hell holds no pleasure, no future, just pain and suffering. God continues to send graces upon each of us every day - just ask and accept.

I hope and pray all my children, grandchildren, and all Godís children will choose life, choose heaven, choose God.



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