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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Needed: A worldly Bible (07/14/2013)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

If we knew that doctors were using textbooks that were written way back in horse and buggy days, we would probably say, “Whoa!” The textbooks from this era would undoubtedly be lacking the many advancements in the medical profession since that time period. Books about the medical profession may need to be updated from time to time, but - the Bible?

If things are going quite well in a household because the family is trying to do what the Bible teaches, why would this family want to follow the teachings of wayward men, follow that which is faultful? Why would any household cast aside the Bible and rely (?) on a book or books that are worldly, that are against doing what is right, that would turn a God pleasing family into a Satan pleasing family?

It would be very foolish for a household to say, “We are trying to do what God’s Word says, but won’t everything go even better if we follow the guidelines of a worldly book?” After all, the Bible hasn’t been updated, and it is lacking information that should be a part of our being today? Never!

How can our lives be fulfilled by adhering to what was written over two millenniums ago? John 15:11 I John 1:4 Proverbs 16:20 There have been so many good (?) changes in the world since two millennia ago that could add to much additional joy to our lives? These changes are written in worldly books, so it would be wise of us to purchase these books and do what they recommend? Never!

Are we foolish enough to think that the Bible needs to be updated because we can not do what it teaches, can not abide by its God-given commands? After all, by today’s standards the Bible’s commands are much too difficult to achieve and keep. Therefore this makes it impossible for us to successfully do what will assure us of a place in heaven? John 14:2 If this is true (of course it isn’t), then it would be wise for us to update the Bible? No - never!

Are we foolish enough to think that the God of all creation made mistakes? Would anyone believe this?: The reason there is so much evil in the world is because we are not following the dictates of men? If we believe this hogwash, then our consciences have become numb and ineffective. This is a truthful statement: America has become a depraved nation because we are not doing what God has required in His Word.

Things can be going quite well in our household, but it is being suggested that we make some changes. Why? Is this true?: Because the changes that have been made in most households have been very good for these households. True? No - false. These changes have only brought more and more unrighteousness or ungodliness, so should damnable behavior continue to be acceptable and practiced or should households continue to practice that which is pleasing to God? Duh!

Is it wise of us to reject the Word of God? Is it wise of us to conform to the ways of the world? Is it wise of us to accept the foolish counsel of men and reject the wise counsel of God? Is it necessary to change what is written in the Bible? Where will we be residing for eternity if we change any of God’s Word? Revelation 22:18-19

There is ample, living proof that those who are doing what the Bible teaches are doing much better (eternally too) than those who are doing what men have suggested. Of course, if men were to update the Bible and we were to adhere to their revisions, then everything in America would quickly progress to an Utopian state? Will never happen.

What God inspired men to write is without error. The Bible must never be updated or revised to agree with today’s ungodly standards. Changing the Bible would certainly result in bringing more ungodliness to America. No, we absolutely do not need, nor want, a worldly Bible.

Ponder: Romans 3:4a Hebrews 13:8 Malachi 3:6a I Peter 1:25a

P.S. Faithfulness to God will lead us heavenward. Where will faithfulness to man lead us?



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