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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Jesus says ‘I thirst’ (07/28/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Yes, Jesus spoke the words from the cross, “I thirst.” It wasn’t for some cool drink to satisfy His thirst He was talking about, He was speaking about thirsting for souls. That thirst has rippled down through the ages for over 2000 years, right now to this very day, for you and me and many others as well, and quite naturally in the hearts and minds of St. Faustina and Mother Teresa. In fact they both had visions of Jesus on the cross as He spoke to them, “I thirst” - for the salvation of souls. Help me, my daughter to save souls. Join your suffering to my passion and offer them to the heavenly Father for sinners.

God has instilled that thirst for souls in many people. He asks us to do our part - for God and souls (St. Faustina’s motto). We as parents and grandparents must thirst for the souls of our children, grandchildren, and godchildren, and all of God’s children.

Pope Francis thirsts for souls as well. He recently said he is taking on over 20,000 lapsed American Catholics (fallen away from the church). Let’s help him with that, taking on the responsibility for our little group - our children - the little lambs Jesus asks us to feed the word of God. Teach them their souls not only thirst for worldly pleasure but most of all the joys of heaven. (“Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee,” St. Augustine said.)

There is much to be said and learned about suffering. As I look upon the sufferings of my past life I see how God has sustained me and made me a more loving, compassionate person. Just look at the suffering Jesus endured during His passion and death on the cross. Surely there would have been another way, but I believe He wanted to show us the value of suffering. Perhaps without suffering we’ll keep our eyes ever fixed upon the world instead of raising them toward the glories of heaven. St. Faustina’s thirst for souls was most ardent when her sufferings were the greatest, even to the extent of suffering the stigmata, great pain in her hands, feet and side, places where Jesus’ body was pierced. St. Faustina’s thought of saving souls was her greatest joy and it should be ours as well. Let not the trivial moments in life distract us on our way. We need to remind ourselves what’s really going to matter in the end. “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” I’m real good at that!

We must weigh out the value of suffering. St. Faustina’s motto was “suffering + love = joy.” Only love can give value to our actions. For me it was love + work = apple pie. However, I did have to quit making pies for a short time as I suffered depression.

Now, my thirst and suffering for souls leads me toward spiritual writing - “Matter of Faith.” My passion for writing and thirsting for souls seems to lift me just a bit above this worldly realm toward that of the spiritual, humbly acknowledging it’s my gift from God and I feel the need to share it.

God delights in a trusting soul. I am trying to be one of those. Lord help me, sometimes it seems when I don’t see my prayers answered as I’m expecting, momentarily it seems I’ve hit a brick wall and full let down, then again I forge ahead knowing with my prayers God can somehow break through. I trust He can and will - He said so.

In writing this article I’ve taken some information from a small booklet called “I Thirst.” I believe its effects can be very powerful as we thirst for the salvation of souls. I thirst for you my Lord.



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