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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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The essence of Winona (07/31/2013)
Part 1

If you want to know about essence and how you can capture

That very thing, but don’t want to wait until the Rapture

You could grab a beverage and a bagel and find a quiet place to squat

And read some Hegel for an hour or so and see just what he thought

But if you want to know the true essence that is about this place

And perhaps experience what some even call a state of grace

Spend that same amount of time but take the path around the lake

I think you’ll discover, all by yourself, that very thing about this place

But you’ll have to take the path around the lake.

What captures the essence of Winona depends on what and whom you ask

One thing’s for sure, digging into this subject is a very enjoyable task

You’ll discover so many meaningful things that it’s hard to absolutely say

Or sum up in words all this place has been or what it means today

Trying to boil it down to a thing or two and sort through all the stuff

Is a fun little conundrum mentally, though to write a poem on it’s tough

So bear with me as I attempt to portray what I hope to most seems fair

Scribbling down what stands out to me I relate all this with good intention

And though from some I know I’ll hear “Mon Ami Au Contraire!”

From many more I hope there’s a “thanks a lot” for everything I do mention!”

Now most places change and grow down through the years,

This one’s no different, with its people and businesses that came and went,

Its many families, whose ancestors settled and were born here,

And whose children’s children will remain here, because they’re content

Content I dare say because of this place, and what all it has to offer

For what it gave Grandpa and Grandma, and all those that lived here before

There’s the variety of view, with one landmark particularly spectacular,

And the demure demeanor of a people who humbly express pride in their heritage, in their down home kind of vernacular

It’s a place with some pace but some slow now and then

Where though rather small there’s still a lot happenin’

Solvitur ambulando. Sine cera.

Theodore L. Schoewe



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