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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (08/18/2013)
I messed up a recipe. I know how to cut recipes in half and all that, but I thought I could manipulate a recipe to fit my cheapness. As youíve heard I often make pancakes or waffles from a mix. When I make pancakes, I cut the recipe in half and I normally donít have trouble with the fractions or the recipe at all. However, recently I measured half of the mix into the pitcher I use for pancakes. At that point everything was okay. But wait, thereís a little bit of mix in the bottom of the box. Iím not going to save that, but I canít throw food away (remember that statement), what am I going to do? I dumped it in! I understand that the ratio of water to mix in this product is critical to producing an edible result, so I decided to put in a little more water.

After stirring, the batter didnít look right; itís too thick. Well, a little more waterÖoops. Now Iím up a creek without a spatula. They were terrible. I threw the pancakes in the garbage and popped two slices of bread in the toaster. I suppose I should just laugh and say, ďLive and learn,Ē but how long do I have to live to learn not to make dumb, obvious mistakes in the kitchen?

I made some startling discoveries on my recent trip to my hometown back east. (Thatís what it is, right: back east, out west, down south, and up north.) My mother died when I was eight. My grandmother, who tried to raise me, died 10 years later, and my grandfather six years after that. On this trip I found that none of them have any kind of grave markers. I donít know why, but I wasnít aware of that. I left home as a young man and didnít return for 54 years. My family broke up; my father remarried and moved away when I was young and my older brothers were gone, and all my other relatives were in my birthplace even farther back east, so there wasnít a big reason to return. I guess I never thought about cemeteries much until recently. I have decided to have markers of some kind placed on the graves. I have a new-found niece who knows the locations.

Iíve always thought that itís important to have a marked burial place. Yes, I know that there are those who donít think itís all that important and I understand that point of view, but Iím not changing my mind. We all approach this death business in different ways and none of them are wrong. Even different religions and ethnic groups have different burial rites. I used to jokingly say, ďJust leave me out on the curb Wednesday morning.Ē But as Iíve gotten closer to the main event, Iíve changed my outlook somewhat. Anyway thereís probably something in the trash rules that would make my plan illegal. Iíll end on that happy note. If you wish to reach me, Iím at alnada2704@gmail.com .

Enjoy this wonderful weather and be especially kind to widowed folks. 


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