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  Saturday January 24th, 2015    

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Disrespect for our American horses (08/18/2013)
From: Gayle Goetzman


In July, I purchased a beautiful photo print at Winona Health showing three paint horses, 1 chestnut quarter horse, and 1 pinto Shetland pony happily grazing in the early glow of dawn, entitled Life Is Good. But in reality, a great majority of American horses and other equines (mules, donkeys, ponies) do NOT have a good life, are disrespected, and we Americans are to blame. As much as I love horses and would never knowingly eat horse meat, I am appalled to learn of the suffering our equine animals endure at the hands of ruthless, wicked and uncaring individuals who place their dear equines onto public lands/parks, thus leaving them without the necessities of life, starving them inside enclosures, or selling them at auctions for inhumane transport hundreds of miles to distant inhumane slaughtering in Canada and Mexico.

The average American workers NEED jobs and our horses NEED humane transport and humane U.S. slaughter on U.S. soil. We canít dictate to foreign countries what they can or cannot do! They are hungry and they are slaughtering inhumanely! Animal welfare groups are misguided and largely funded by very rich individuals who are removed from the plight of the equine industry or the reality of working class people NEEDING jobs. The huge cost of hay lately has raised the NEED for humane transport and slaughter in the U.S.

Unwanted (old, handicapped, wild, untrainable) equines are suffering a terrible cruel death across our borders. This situation is no childís dream anymore! Rescue ranches, God bless them, canNOT support the many rescues and Iíve seen where the rescuers need rescuing with this economic slump. Some of my friends have gone from horses to raising dogs. Being in the equine industry myself, I see firsthand the disrespect our beloved animals are forced to endure. Itís not right and we need to convince Congress and the Humane Society of the United States of the injustice and outrageously cruel way we are dealing with the tens of thousands of unwanted and abandoned horses across the country. The everyday, hard working American horsemen and women NEED employment and NEED to band together to eliminate this ever-growing horrible problem. We receive no government aid in our equine industry. Please take the time to contact your congressmen or women to educate them of this disrespect for horses. We NEED to work together in the only way I know, which would solve this atrocious situation!



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