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  Friday December 19th, 2014    

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Empty out the world (08/18/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


No God please! I donít want to tackle this one. Listen God, do you want me to make friends or enemies? Yes, Mary, Iím asking you to do this. People need to know they are to live in the world but not be of the world. The world is turning its back on me (too much of it). Their philosophy is becoming blinded - eat, drink and be merry they say, have a life, they say. God says, remember mankind, I made each of you in my own image and likeness. This world is just a testing ground to go on to graduate toward something bigger and better. Sometimes we are a bit reluctant for change and may think this life and the world arenít so bad, why fix it if itís not broken? God says it is broken. The sin of Adam and Eve broke it. I came into the world to repair it enough to carry you through to the next phase - a world in heaven, your heavenly home. The world I created is becoming darkened, a fog of sin is covering the Ten Commandments I gave to Moses to share with the people of the world as instructional rules that would help lead them to heaven. So many have fallen by the wayside. Some donít even believe I exist. Some donít think they have time for me, too busy about their worldly business, too busy letting the world entertain them in one way or another. My dear friends donít you read the obituaries? Sometimes itís even someone close to you. Doesnít that make you realize this world is only a temporary dwelling?

From the day we were born we began a dying process. Sometimes that lasts a long time, even 100 years or more, sometimes just a few hours. However long, losing a loved one is very hard, yet we must live in hope they are now with God in His home in heaven. His home in this world is the church. Why do so many people excuse themselves from going to church nowadays? Itís so important we hear the word of God to love our neighbor as ourselves, etc., over and over, until we are convinced our hearts will be restless in this world until they rest in the arms of God.

Look at and study the lives of the saints. They were continuously trying to empty themselves from the world and make their way to heaven. As Mother Angelica says, we are all called to be saints, donít miss the opportunity.

Yes, the world has much natural beauty, thatís for sure, the hills, trees, lakes, and all. Minnesota is especially rich in this beauty. Yet we have become tarnished by trying to change the marriage law. America has tarnished its soul by allowing abortion. I think we are being punished with wars and unrest all around us.

We all must look within our hearts to make room for God as we empty out the sinfulness in the world in exchange for the promises of God - to live in heaven for all eternity. God have mercy on us and the whole world. 


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