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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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A world gone mad! (08/18/2013)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

If the signers of the Constitution were to materialize from the grave, they would soon hear and see the proof of madness everywhere. They would soon realize that goodness and common sense in America have flown the coop. The fact that man’s heart is woefully wicked has become clearly evident. Jeremiah 17:9

Sadly the semblance of the goodness and common sense of their era will have disappeared from America. They might think they were having a nightmare because of the awful change that they were witnessing in America. They would see and hear an America that reeks with abomination of every kind. Their hearts would be shockingly broken.

The signers of the Constitution would be aghast at the repulsive changes in America’s government. They would hear words coming from America’s governmental officials that are treasonous, words that are foulmouthed, words that are disrespectful, words that are hateful, words that are untruthful, words that are defamatory. They would witness corruption in America’s government that is criminal. They would soon realize that most of America’s governmental officials have no love, respect or awe for their Creator.

The signers of the Constitution would witness a laundry list of abomination: 1) The disappearance of prayer in school, 2) Killing of defenseless babies, 3) The vast corruption in the government, 4) The power of one to remove God from everyone’s life, to promote abominations, to silence the preaching of all of God’s word, etc., 5) Vast numbers of churches where God’s truth has been distorted or abandoned, 6) Extreme hatred of those who love and revere God, 7) Children disobedient and disrespectful to parents, 8) An enormous amount of criminal behavior, 9) A great number of people that are far worse than having gone to the dogs, 10) Common sense in government that has flown the coop, 11) Wanton disregard for God’s commandments, 12) Rampant divorce, 13) A great number of people incarcerated in jails and prisons, 14) Organizations promoting death and hatred of God and biblical Christians, 15) Abomination on the radio, television, motion picture screen, books, magazines, etc.

The signers of the Constitution would shudder in horror at what they were hearing and seeing! They would be fit to be tied. Their ears would be discharging vapor! They would become sickened by the wretchedness within America. They would become extremely sorrowful and aghast at what has become of their once-blessed land. They would probably be saying to themselves,”We must be having a nightmare! Perhaps we are on another planet! This nation reeks with the stench of perverseness! This can’t be America!” It would be obvious to the signers of the Constitution that abominable behavior has impregnated the hearts of a vast number of Americans.

If we could see and hear the America of the signers of the Constitution, our jaws would drop in utter shock. To be sure, the difference between the America of their day and our present day America would be very evident, frightening and nauseating. We would see and hear an America that has gone far worse than to the dogs. We would now realize that Satan has taken control of the hearts and minds of many Americans.

Should we become discouraged because of the dire, diabolical depravity in America? No. Why not? Because God has an antidote for even the worst of situations. II Chronicles 7:14 Should we wave our white flags in defeat or run away from Satan’s abominable madness like frightened puppies with our tails tucked under our posteriors? I John 4:4

Yes, if the signers of the Constitution were alive today, they would undoubtedly exclaim to themselves,”We are indeed witnessing a world gone mad!”

Ponder Isaiah 1:4 Jeremiah 7:28 Deuteronomy 32:5, 31:17



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