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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (08/25/2013)
By Al Owne
I made a relatively perfect batch of waffles on Sunday. I say relatively because none of them were perfectly square. I learned that in your own kitchen, itís better to have them a little smaller than to be cleaning up messes of burned-on batter. Itís getting kind of boring. I use the mix to take the trauma out of making the batter and have become pretty good at judging the time in the antique iron. One of these days Iím going to turn the ironís plates over to the smooth side and try grilled cheese sandwiches. That should liven things in the kitchen up some.

I was a guest at a function where I happened to be the oldest person in attendance. Most of the other folks there were in a generation behind me. The conversation switched to losing a mate, which was probably my doing. I was surprised that many of these ďyoungĒ people sounded much like young parents discussing their children. ďI wish mom wouldnít stay out so late with that guy.Ē I guess itís a lot like Shakespeare wrote, ďWe come into this world mewling and puking, and go out the same way.Ē For you Shakespeare fans: I paraphrased a little there, but you get the idea. We often hear our parental words repeated to us later in life; ďI donít think you should drive there all by yourself,Ē or, ďBe sure to call me when you get home.Ē At least we donít hear, ďAre his parents going to be home?Ē Living alone as I do, I appreciate the worry of my children, but I think the reversing of roles is kind of ironic.

Many people have told me I need a pet. I understand that after talking to me for a short while people would think I needed something, but right now I donít think itís a pet. New knees, or an updated memory system, yes; a pet, no. Donít get me wrong; I like animals. An early family legend (you know the kind of story they tell about you at reunions and everybody laughs at your expense) about me as a child was when we lived on the farm, if you could call it that, and my mother yelled, ďYouíre standing on a snake!Ē Rather than scream and run, I said, ďDid I hurt it?Ē Iíve owned dogs and cats, if you can ever own a cat, as pets. As parents, after a tragic incident with a dog, we decided on fish as pets. I always thought that guppies were the perfect pet for children. They are easy to clean up after, they donít bark or bite, and if you forget to feed them, they eat each other. I like animals, especially dogs, and thatís why I donít have one as a pet. It isnít that I donít need a pet; having a dog to keep me company would probably be good for me, but I donít think it would be good for the dog. With my lifestyle, I donít need a retriever, I need a recliner.

The papers are full of back to school ads. We arenít going back to school, but it also signals a change in the weather so make sure your electric blanket is working.

You can reach me at alnada2704@gmail.com.



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