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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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Body and soul (08/25/2013)

From: Mary Zimmerman


Well, God gave me this title but Iím not sure just what it will be about, but Iím quite sure God will fill in the above, He always does.

Perhaps we could first ask ourselves why did God arrange us as humans in this manner, body and soul. Well for one thing I think the body is to provide a coverage for the precious delicate part of us we call soul, just as peas have a pod for protection. An envelope provides that for a letter, so it is the body is complimentary to the soul, working together to attain its final goal of heaven. Thatís why God gave us some rules to help us on our journey - The Ten Commandments. ďThe spirit (soul) is willing but the flesh (body) is weak.Ē

Itís all kind of a mystery which one day will be solved. That would lead us to ask the question, just what is a soul? It is the part which houses the Holy Spirit. We are called temples of the Holy Spirit. That sounds pretty important doesnít it? Thatís why it is of utmost importance to take the very best care of our bodies. If you smoke, drink, or use drugs, or are harming your body in any way, please stop. God expects better of us. Remember the body needs to cooperate with the soul to find their way back to God from whence they came. We humans are something like homing pigeons fluttering around to find our way back home. We donít do all that on our own, the God that sent us into the world will also help us to find our way back to him. It is called ďgrace.Ē Without it we can do nothing as we may want to claim we do. All is gift from God.

I think itís common when we are young to think we will go on forever in our bodies, dwelling very little on our own mortality. When I was raising my family, as they were with me daily I never thought much about the day they would all be on their own, testing the waters of life. Now sometimes I wish I could go back to that time in my life. Iíd surely better appreciate all these little lives I was nurturing. I know I would hug and kiss them much more than I did, followed with the words ďI love you.Ē Well, I canít change the past, but itís never too late to relay this message to our children, whatever the age.

May I share these words of wisdom since I have experienced many joys and sorrows along the road of life. I just want to say life goes so fast. Just recently a nice lady said to me, keep writing. I canít believe youíre 80, she said. I said I canít either. So I just say live each day to the fullest (by helping others), get as many good deeds under your belt as you can. One day if youíre lucky youíll wake up, look at the calendar and your birth certificate to find out youíre 80 years old and your energy levelís not so great (like mine). But hopefully your spirit (soul) is still healthy, holy and energized.

Sometimes at this age we have to pick and choose what seems most important. I seem more inclined to accomplish good deeds for family and others while dragging my feet on my housework, Oh well, maybe Iíll get my second wind any day now. You think?

Those of us who have lost loved ones, let us not picture them as ďdead.Ē They are really very much alive. They just shed their bodies for now, one day again to be reunited as body and soul. Hopefully to live forever among God and their loved ones in the joys of heaven.

P.S. Thank you God for another article. Thank you readers for continuing to encourage me. My prayers are with you. Let us join together in prayer. 


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