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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (09/01/2013)
By Al Owne
Last weekend, I shifted my food order around. See, I usually have eggs of some sort on Saturday, and pancakes or waffles, however the mood strikes me, on Sunday. In an emergency, I made a fried egg sandwich for lunch on Friday, so I decided to reverse the order for the weekend to keep this from getting boring. (Quit your laughing!) Neither of my breakfast entrees tasted right. I’m going to have to quit being so rebellious in my menu.

My daughter went to school with a young woman whose family ate the same food for dinner each day of the week; no questions asked, no menu changes. It was roast beef on Sunday, spaghetti on Thursday, etc. She came home for a holiday weekend with my daughter and was amazed and shocked that we said things like, “Let’s have something Chinese tonight for supper.”

She couldn’t imagine not following a set menu for each day, plus we called it “supper” instead of dinner. She was from way back east. I wonder if she did the same thing with her own family?

I have to go clothes shopping; yuck! I was at an informational meeting the other day on what to bring for a trip I’m taking to a resort. This woman gave me a list of suggested clothing to take along. Other than socks, I don’t have much on the list, and you know what that means – shopping! I know that many of you would be saying, “Oh, goody, we get to go shopping.” My reaction was, “Oh, no, I have to go shopping.”

I’ve explained the psychological differences in shopping attitudes, but there are some practical reasons too. I’m going shopping, buy too much of the wrong things, end up with items I’ll only wear for this event and then store in drawers and closets in anticipation for the big estate sale or to donate to some charitable organization. Pajamas and a robe were some of the items suggested. What’s wrong with T-shirts, shorts, and sweatpants?

I don’t think my waffle iron is as old as I thought. I was in a discussion about waffle irons (?) and I decided to check mine out. I couldn’t find any kind of label or tag on it so I carefully turned it upside down. Sure enough, there was “11-64” stamped on the metal case along with the manufacturer: The Dominion Co. of Mansfield, Ohio. So it won’t be 50 until November, eh? Well, it’s big, heavy and clumsy to operate, that’s “antique” enough for me. Just out of curiosity I used my handy luggage scale to weigh it and it came in at nine pounds. So when I lift up the lid on the hot iron, I’m balancing four pounds of hot iron. Making waffles here is kind of like cooking in a blacksmith’s shop.

We’ve been experiencing some rather warm weather lately and I hear a lot of complaining about it. Well, it is August, you know, and that’s kind of the way it works. I usually tell the complainers to talk to me in a couple of months when they’ll be complaining about the cold fall we’re having.

Happy Labor Day!

I’m online at alnada2407@gmail.com.  


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