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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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About Families (09/01/2013)

From : T.M. Schoewe

We have been writing about marriage, which brings about children, or what is known in our society as the FAMILY. And it is only natural to think that the family should be like a great wall of strength against the hostility of this world, which is cruel and often heartless. We wish that would be true all of the time, but the sad fact in our existence is that families can harbor a great deal of conflict. You will find that sometimes the most terrible damage is done to people’s bodies and even souls by those who are family members. There are many newspaper reports of this truth. Where we should find brotherly love there is instead brotherly hatred.

If you read the Scriptures you will find this truth already as early on as in that old garden where the first family brought into the world the first brotherly murder. When asked by the Lord “where is your brother?” Cain answered “Am I my brother’s keeper?” You can also read in Genesis 37 the following: “Joseph went after his brothers and found them near Dothan. But they saw him in the distance and before he reached them they plotted to kill him.” Jacob’s family was loaded with favoritism and resentments and just plain hatred. It was only God’s wonderful intervention that kept Joseph (the 11th son) from being killed by his brothers. What a family, and they were to be the keepers of our gospel faith, and these family members were also the ancestors of Jesus! Of Jesus the coming Messiah!

If you are a family member, and we guess we all really are, you have a special opportunity to hurt one another. But brothers or sisters, you can choose to look at your home as a place to begin acting out love like Christ your Lord and be of a servant spirit like Him who took all hatred to the cross. How in the world can we ever love our neighbors if we have not first learned how to love our sisters and brothers?

Do you have a grudge or resentments or are you letting misunderstanding spoil your family relationships? The Lord spent a lot of time on Joseph and helped him grow up. Joseph in turn helped his brothers mature and repent of their hatred. If your family has relationship problems think about being an instrument of healing. Remember how the Lord loved us by going to the cross. There’s nothing we will ever bear that can even come close….so forgive your brothers and sisters…and like Joseph…help them to forgive too.

P.S. And if you know the Lord’s Prayer and still carry a grudge, focus on the “AS” that is mentioned for you also. 


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