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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Silent majority (09/01/2013)

From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

When someone applauds error today, a vocally boisterous, belligerent minority angrily demands that no one utter a word of protest. Everyone else must remain silent no matter how atrociously objectionable or offensive the indecency may be. Well, is speechlessness about decadent behavior ever going to result in the abolition of indecent behavior?

Would any sane person ever believe that America would be better off if wrong would be exempt from needful objection or disapproval, exempt from justifiable protest? Tsk! Tsk! If the majority abandons its duty to defend and protect against corruption, America is sure to become a nation filled with revolting, undesirable tenants. Can we imagine the disgustedness that we would witness in America if everyone were void of conscience, void of consequences? Goodness! Goodness! We would be existing in a constant state of fear if wrongness were never challenged by rightfulness.

The ethical problem in America could be rightly eradicated if the majority was to get off its haunches, gird up its backbone and sternly and loudly voice its objection to all abominable behavior. We should always remember that the majority’s troops will never defeat an army of evil with an army of slackers, those who are unwilling to enlist for the battle against evil.

If the majority can uproariously voice its objection of good and expose America to the detriment of immoral conduct, then the majority must also have the right to voice its objection and condemnation of badness. Wouldn’t it be a delightful blessing to see husbands, wives, sons, daughters, friends, relatives, etc., leaving the polluted pit of no-earthly-good and washing away the filth of worldliness?

Yes, it is frightening to even imagine a society where anything is permitted. Wouldn’t it be good for America’s children to be reared by non-disciplinarians? Wow! Absolute foolishness! As a Sodom and Gomorrah nation, we might never again experience true joy and contentment because unsavory behavior would be rampant in America. But remember, according to the loose living immoralists we must never awaken the majority to engage in the conflict to regain and restore uprightness. The majority must not stifle iniquity. The acts of iniquity must not be challenged. This is good for America?

A small army of detrimental adversaries of right behavior at present seem to have free rein - no opposition - to instill upon the American people a lifestyle which has taken way God’s blessings upon America. God is not going to bless a nation that embraces and practices vileness. These obsessive and antagonistic abdicators of normalcy are never concerned about that which would be good for America. Their intentional goal is to demoralize America, to annihilate goodness.

Yes immorality can speak out against morality without remorse or regret and purposely destroy goodness, but it would be God-awful, low down wrong for the majority to speak in defense of goodness. Has something siphoned our brains of intelligence? It shouldn’t take keen intelligence to understand that a moral lifestyle should be defended and supported and that an immoral lifestyle should not be defended and supported. It’s a non-brainer!

The worst thing that could happen would be for the majority to let a few ill-tempered immoralists hoot and howl for evil, while sitting timidly and being dishonorably silent in the bleachers. We will never overcome evil with cowardly silence. The soldiers of the devil are not concerned about maintaining goodness in America or anywhere else. The majority is losing the war against anti-moralists because of the majority’s unwillingness to unite as determined combatants against sinfulness. Defeatist sidesteppers will never be victorious.

Who are the people who will complain about this letter? The people who are shaking their fists at Almighty God and shouting “More sin!More sin!” while the majority observes from the sidelines, complains one to another and refuses to enlist in the regiment for good. Now, is a weak-kneed, do nothing silent majority good for America?

Ponder: II Chronicles 7:14 


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