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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Cantankerous grumps (09/04/2013)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

With the sound turned all the way down on your television, could you tell which of the two governmental officials speaking in a debate is the Democrat? You don’t think you could? Well, you are wrong. It’s easy.

How can we tell who is the Democrat or Republican without any sound? Just look at his/her countenance. Some visual giveaways of a Democrat are: 1) scowling looks, 2) rolling back of the eyes, 3) peculiar facial expressions, 4) a sudden jerk-like turning of the head, 5) smirks often, 6) pointing of the accusatory finger, 7) a conspicuous “fixed” glaring gaze, 8) a folding back of both hands while simultaneously shaking a bowed head (not in reverence) from side-to-side, 9) forming of occasional sucker-like lips, 10) forming of occasional large-mouth bass lips, 11) lips are moving much more often as a result of frequent interruptions, 12) often exhibits a wry grin, 13) clenched fists, 14) mean looking sour demeanor, 15) “rabid” body language, 16) protruding veins due to infuriation.

These obnoxious governmental officials (those that use vulgar language) could never sue anyone for defamation of character. Why? Because their own words have already defamed them. It is self-inflicted defamation of character. Most of the Democrats and a few Republicans know there are a limitless number of reels (audio and visual) that could be used as exhibit A (the spoken word)...a limitless amount of proof of their obscene, base, malcontent attitude.

Do the Democrats get away with their uncalled for uncouth words? Will they ever be held accountable for their despicable utterances? Probably not. Why? Because the anti-God media, Hollywood and their peers are not at all upset about the Democrats’ actions. They may even be excited and encouraged by this Republican bashing. Even the Republicans utter not a peep of complaint about the Democrats’ atrocious words.

Most Democrats do show an intense abhorrence towards Republicans and are not ashamed or fearful to aggressively voice their extreme dislike. Such shameful, disgusting expression would not be tolerated by any Democrat, the anti-God news media, anti-God Hollywood, or anti-God organizations. The Democrats would become so angry that they would be in eminent danger of bursting veins. They would be screaming, “He’s got to go!” or “She’s got to go!” The news media, Hollywood, and evil organizations would be in concert with them and their constant anti-good rhetoric could, undoubtedly, prove the latter statement.

What would happen if Republicans responded in like manner to the Democrats? Well, it would probably mean the end of a Republican’s career. At this time, even one unintentional, wrong word would be used against him/her. A Republican’s every word is instantaneously scrutinized under a microscope for immediate criticism. Mercifully (take a deep breath and smile), may we soon see an end to the barrage of this condemnable rat-a-tat rapping.

What has borne all this indignative disrespect, this disgraceful, undignified behavior? Has it been born of goodness or badness? Why has it become acceptable for Democrats to bleat out such uncivil, verbal expression? Seldom a peep is heard from anyone when Democrats speak unkind words, but the opposition (Democrats) attack like rabid pit bulls if even one word sounds offensive. This one-sided, ultra mean-spirited demeanor should come to a swift end. Our governmental officials should be setting a mature and proper example for the rest of the world to follow - togetherness, not division.

Is this a truthful statement? The preferment of good is intolerable and divisive, while the preferment of evil is tolerable and does not promote divisiveness? What good can come from dishonorable behavior? If this is intelligentsia, then we need to vote into office those who are mentally inferior.

Both parties should be able to express their differences decently...respectfully. Shouldn’t our supposedly fully-matured (?) governmental officials work together as a team? Wouldn’t this be better for America? All other business organizations make a joint effort to work with one another.

We should expect our governmental officials (our employees) to act civilly, not like an uncontrollable assembly of tantrum-abounding cronies. Our world is chaotic enough without their all-too-frequent childish bickering.

Many Democrats and a few Republicans need to wash out their foul mouths, leave the pigpen (apologize to the pigs first) and clean up their actions. No one should have to tolerate a hypocritical, loudmouthed, dictatorial-sounding (must have his/her way) bureaucrat-employee. May we soon get some relief from cantankerous grumps and witness a building up amongst all the Democrats and Republicans...witness a beating of swords into plowshares. 


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