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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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The essence of Winona (09/04/2013)
Part VI

We’ve got to go back some more now….when….

Before all the logging and all of the mills

Even before Bloedows’ and Bub’s and those speak easy stills

Before the five and dimes and soda jerks

And those corner grocery stores with ma and pa clerks

When no roads or telephone poles lined the hills

Before horse drawn buggies and streetcars, yes, way before any thought of green automobiles

And long before her name became the trademark for some fiberglass canoe

Which is far from the birch wood and bark boats our ancestors knew

A little known fact that’s just as well but nevertheless fun to tell,

This place was called Montezuma once for a short spell

And before this oldest Queen of a homestead in south Minnesota

Was aptly named “first born daughter” in Dakota

Lay a natural levee, a bar of sand, created and carved out

By its mighty mother river that still pulls hard down to its mouth

Where the mid summer sun comes up down stream and does one’s compass test,

Yes it’s right here, this place is where north can seem east and south west

So what else is it about this place, this place that’s like no other?

What is it that we’ve stumbled onto here and have come to discover?

That over time seems to beckon and draw so many back?

Is it something that’s really here, or something other places lack?

Why have so many young and old called it home sweet home

And others have grown to love it so they even pen a poem?

Maybe it’s launching your own little boat from your own little dock

Or walking your four legged friend around your four sided block

Or feeding the ducks and geese while picnicking with the little ones

Enjoying barbequed hot dogs, juicy watermelon and dripping ice cream cones

Or remembering when they first swam without any fear

Or when they learned to fish off of the Huff Street pier

Perhaps it was seeing your daughter as she giggled

Watching Mom bait the hook with that worm that wiggled

Wiggled and dangled from that same bamboo cane pole her Dad made

And showed her how to catch sunnies with back when she was in the same grade

And of course, there’s always that joyous widening of the eyes

When that red and white bobber performs as advertised

And disappears down, then pops back up, repeatedly, then starts to run!

Now that’s a classic experience and one that’s definitely FUN!

Theodore L. Schoewe 


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