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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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He was a good man (09/08/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Who am I referring to? Well, first letís mention Art Redig. After listening to a lot of testimony today at the wake, it was very confirming to what I already knew. Art was a good man and surely the world is the better for him. Art and Lorraine having eleven children (2 now deceased), surely gave Art the opportunity to be a very loving, giving person (to them and others as well), which was all along preparing him for August 18, 2013, when he left this world to stand in judgment before the God he so faithfully served for 95 years.

Let us now pray he is experiencing a beauty that far exceeds any place in the world. Yes, I believe there are trees, flowers, grass, lakes, etc. Only there, beauty is magnified over and over. (I suggest you read ďThe Other SideĒ by Michael Brown.) Perhaps we have our special assignments (jobs) as well, and I donít think Art will be milking cows, but maybe sawing wood and cracking walnuts, as many of his children testified to while alive. I send my condolences to Lorraine and family. Art is Jimís cousin and Lorraine is mine.

Now Iíd like to mention a few other people that are deserving of the name ďa good man.Ē One of those would be my dad, Carl Mack. Unlike Art, Iíd say my dad was a man of many words. He was a great farmer and gardener. He, too, had the gift of loving and giving, which also prepared him to meet the God he loved and served so well for 93 years. Our family consisted of six boys (only one left) and me, the only girl (thatís why Iím spoiled, ha.)

Then there was my brother Jim. Anyone who knew him Iím sure would agree, he too was a good man, always doing kind deeds for others including me, giving his last few pennies to help someone in need. He was known as the apple man. He even took apples to South Dakota for friends and relatives. In fact, it was on an apple run that he passed away.

Iíll never forget when he asked me to borrow money for a cup of tea. Then September 23, at the age of 57, he surely had a good meeting with the God he loved so much. He died a poor man but surely entered into heaven with all its riches.

It was quite edifying to have some people tell me at Art Redigís funeral that they remembered our son Duane and Iím quite sure heís also very much remembered for his love and kindness to everyone, and thatís what he had to offer God July 6, 1976, at the tender age of 16. Iíd like to share something I wrote in memory of Duane.

Remember Lord, Those Hands Worked For You.

Lord, we know your hands are mighty, we know your hands are kind. So I ask you, Lord, before you pass judgment on my sonís hands, let me explain them to you. It was his hands that put the yellow, black and white hands on the banner for church that extends peace to all people. It was his hands that put together and carried the crosses on a nearby hill to remind the world that you gave your life that we may all enjoy life eternal. It was his hands that so often made jewelry that included the beauty of the cross. Duane smiled joyfully, as his hands, many times, extended a helping hand to a friend in need. Remember too, it was his hands that folded together in prayer every day.

Lord, I know those hands werenít perfect, but they were full of love. Now I fold my hands in prayer and ask you, Lord, judge Duaneís hands with kindness. Use your mighty hands to open heavenís door gates to place Duaneís hands close to yours where they may help you carry on your work for all eternity.

The above conversation poses the question - how would we want to be remembered? As a loving mother would be fine with me. Others may want to think of me as ďthe pie lady,Ē or as writer of ďA Matter of Faith.Ē And I suppose my job in heaven could be making pies, cereal candy, and homemade ice cream.

Longevity seems to be popular nowadays, so Iím aiming for 90 or so. Lord please bear with me as I stumble along the road of life. I know you never tire of picking us up as we fall down (sin), generously giving us your mercy - for the asking.

Gods blessing upon all you readers. May the souls of all the faithful rest in Godís peace. Amen. 


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