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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Act godly, not naturally (09/08/2013)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

We recently read a letter that was filled with blasphemy. Did these Hadean words come from someone who loves God?...who knows His Word?...who has respect for his Creator? The entire letter was clearly heinous, damnable hypocrisy.

No one except a satanical heretic would say that Godís Word is a lie...is perversion. It is not perversion to follow Godís instructions, not man or oneís self-will. Teaching the things of God - truth - is never perversion. Teaching the things of man - that which is contrary to Godís Word - this is perversion. It is never wise to rely on our moral sense...that which we think. We always need to rely on the mind of Christ and what He knows.

Who are we to believe? The cultic, anti-God person or the God of the Bible? Remember, man is desperately wicked, not God. Jeremiah 17:9 We know there are a multitude of people who have perverted minds. Satan has legions of them who have enlisted in the many cults and pagan religions of the world. II Peter 2.

The devil and his evil-induced robots have an extreme hatred of Godís Word. Why? Because the Bible is alien to members of cults and pagan religions. It grossly conflicts with the teachings of their demoniacal book, so they reject and abhor Godís teachings even though their theology (?) is from the pit of hell. Because Satan has his troops in a seemingly hypnotic trance, they seem totally unconcerned and unaware of the consequences of their hellish misguidedness. They do not realize that man is innately evil and on his way to hell.

Obviously, parents teach their children not to kill anyone because that is wrong. They tell them that they may have to spend the rest of their lives in prison if they kill someone. If they kill someone, does the parentís love for them mean they do not have to go to prison? No. Do the parents still love their children? Yes. It is not the parentís fault if their children are sent to prison and it is not Godís fault if we are sent to hell.

Cultic members have been blinded by Satanís deceptive keenness. We could show them verses from Scripture and they would intentionally misinterpret, deny or reject them. They might say, ďGodís Word does not match that which is in our cultís book.Ē Cultic members might also defend their cultic book by falsely saying, ďWell our book is God-inspired also, so which book are we to believe?Ē Why, the cultís book of course. According to the cults book, Godís Word is different...is unnatural. It does not agree with the teachings of the cult. According to a cult, it is unnatural to follow Godís teaching and those who do so are promoting perverted tradition.

If we know Godís Word, then we will never accept the lies of Satan. Tragically, Satanís troops are not aware of Satanís and their defeat, nor are they aware as to where their incorrigible attitude will be sending them for eternity.

Satanís unknowing soldiers are quite sincere in their propagation of damnable heresy because they do not know Godís Word. We need to pray that God will break the bonds that Satan has on the members of cults and pagan religions. James 5:16B

This is truth: We are to adhere to the theology of the God of the Bible. This is falsehood: That we should adhere to our personal theology (?) or the theology (?) of a cult. Will we not grieve the Holy Spirit if we continue to do our own thing?...if we continue to do only that which we feel is natural? Yes, and this would be damnable hypocrisy.

We must not do what comes naturally. We must not do our own thing. We must not do whatever comes to our minds. Why? Because God says that all of mankind is born with a sin nature. We should always act as God would want us to act - godly. God doesnít want us to act worldly, nor does God want us to act naturally. John 3:30

Ponder Isaiah 55:7, Romans 16:17-18, I Timothy 4:1-2, Proverbs 17:15 


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