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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (09/15/2013)
By Al Owne
Are you a multi-tasker? I try to be, but sometimes I get bogged down in secondary tasks and the primary task is not given enough attention. Thatís not real serious unless one adds the words, hot stove, and bacon.

Even though Iíve given them very little attention my tomato plants have become super producers. I happen to believe that tomatoes were given to us by Mother Nature for one purpose and one purpose alone: BLTís. I picked a couple of softball sized ripe red ones and went through my usual procedure: slice the tomato, use the two end slices for salad, and the middle slices for a tasty BLT.

Sometimes I use baloney for the ďB,Ē but today I was using bacon from the freezer where it was stored.

I buy bacon in the traditional package and put it in the freezer. After itís frozen, I slice it in half. Itís much easier, and less messy, to deal with when itís frozen. In this episode, I had already used one half, so I put the frozen bacon in the bacon frying pan (Donít ask) to thaw and cook and went off to water house plants. ďOh look, I can spend a couple minutes on my reframing of this picture project,Ē I said to myself. As you can imagine, this was an error on my part. I was alerted to my mistake by an odor of burning pork products. I rushed to the kitchen just in time to save calling the big red trucks, but the bacon was thawed for sure. I like crispy bacon; good thing!

So hereís an Al Owne kitchen tip for you widowers out there. If you are frying bacon, stay right there with it even if itís a little boring, itís worth while.

As Iíve told you I read a couple of advice columns in the newspapers, not for advice but for the humor sometimes and the wonderment of how people get themselves into such predicaments. If I see something that fits our situation, I often share it with you.

A 70 something widower wrote for advice because his 70 something single girlfriend couldnít get away from her mother. Dear whoever advised him to forget that romance. If you canít untie those apron strings by then, she thought maybe it was a little too late for the woman to become independent.

Have you noticed that advice columnists are women? I donít think that Iíve ever read a newspaper advice column written by a man. Yet it seems that most psychologists are men. Dr. Phil has the ability to have people tell a TV audience of millions about their personal problems most of which would be whispered about behind closed doors in my family. There are a lot of things I donít understand in this world. One of them is how people can air their personal problems in newspapers or on TV.

Iíve noticed a pickup in the membership of the widow/widower club lately. Newspapers have had a run on obituaries. Be nice to these rookies and invite them to some of the group activities available to the widowed population.

Al Own can be reached at alnada2704@gmail.com.



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