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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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Time marches on (09/15/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Yes, time marches on and all of us are marching with it (80 years for me). I was just thinking God could have arranged life for us in different ways. He could have given everyone the same amount of time, say 75 years, (telling us to keep out of trouble, while doing all the good deeds you can within that time span, using the talents He gave us), but He didnít. God left us all in a kind of limbo as to how long our life span would be - a few minutes or 100 years or more. I guess there were plenty of reasons for that. God just asks us to be vigilant - you donít know the day or the hour, ďwatch and prayĒ He says. Death can come as a thief in the night.

Just the past week we attended three wakes, ages 89, 95 and 98. Wow! Does that ever give me hope that I too will reach at least 90. I just have a lot of work and praying to do in this world yet, or so it seems.

The first wake was Art Redigís, a cousin. As sad as death may seem, itís still comforting to review their lives in such a positive way, as his was, as well as Bernice Kalmes (my daughter-in-lawís grandmother). What a difference she has made in the world in her 98 years, raising 11 beautiful children. As I viewed her remains and saw a rosary entwined around her fingers I knew thatís what gave her the strength (praying the rosary) she needed to do what she did. Amazing woman. I wish Iíd have known her in this life. Oh well, Iím sure we will meet up again in heaven someday.

Then just today we attended the funeral for Irene Kujak, a friend and past neighbor. I knew her as a prayerful, caring person, After her son died I started visiting her, taking her a piece of apple pie now and then. She was always very appreciative and often returned the favor by giving me some food she had on the stove. It seems she was always wanting to have some food ready just in case her son Jerry stopped by.

The world really needs to come back to God. Remember, time marches on. The sooner we get on the bandwagon as a follower of Jesus (attending church, keeping the commandments, love your neighbor as yourself while striving to be a prayerful forgiving person), then as your march ends you will be at peace, knowing God and the saints have marched alongside of you and your guardian angel as well marching the road of life with us.

Let us all give this some reflection. Yes, time marches on. Where are you marching toward? Only the fulfillment of trying to find happiness in this world or toward the goal of peace and joy in heaven? For all eternity. Time marches on. My mom always said, turn right and go straight. Iím trying. 


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