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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Criticism? Why fret? (09/15/2013)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

If words against us are not true, why fret? The knowingly lying critic is the one who should be fretting. If the words against us are truthful, then perhaps contemptible words are but a reminder as to some needed improvement in our lives...a reminder of some unseemly attribute that should be given up in our lives.

Are there those who are critical of good? A myriad number harbor hatred in their hearts towards good folks. We will see and hear them in our churches, home, workplaces, etc. However, to alleviate the sting of critics we should ask, “Why has a person become a critic?”

Is anyone born a faultfinder? No. People cause people to become critics of others. Critics can hate just about anybody and anything. Many are even critical toward God and Biblical Christians, yet we need to remember that these individuals were not born with hatred in their hearts, were not born with a critic’s heart. It is the result of what someone has said to them or has done to them which has left deep hatred in their hearts. There could be numerous reasons why some people become filled with disgust for certain people, but in every case the inducement of hatred originates from an adverse incident(s) with people.

How should we confront the spiteful maligner? Do we point the accusative finger? Raise our voices many decibels? Put on a countenance that could kill? No. Negative characteristics will not change the faultfinding heart. There is a right, gentle way, and a wrong, harsh way. We must prove to the critics that we are truly, sincerely, and genuinely different. Can anyone remain angry toward those who repay hostile criticism with genuine love, understanding and forgiveness? Again, we need to realize that the critic has been deeply hurt by someone.

We should not fully blame those who hate God and good folk. Most of the blame belongs to former individuals who planted the seeds of prejudice in them by word or deed. These prior sowers of detestation need love, understanding and forgiveness too. After all, hadn’t someone planted seeds of hatred in them also? As a result, this repulsive shackle of hatred continues as a threefold chain today, but a heart of love can break it. Of course, all the critics of God and goodness are partly to blame because they do have a conscience like everyone else. They also know the difference between right and wrong, although rabid hatred may have robbed them of a sound, reasonable mind.

Is there joy in criticism? Yes. God says if we are falsely accused that we are to do three things: 1. Rejoice! 2. Be exceedingly glad! 3. Leap for joy! Why? Because the best is yet to come, for God also says, as a result of false accusation, that great is our reward in heaven.

Don’t fret about criticism! Rejoice!

Ponder Psalm 119:165 


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