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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Whatís going to matter in the end? (09/22/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


I just recently listened to a talk (EWTN) on gratitude, and how important it is to be aware daily of all the special gifts that come our way from our loving God, and that we can do all things through Him who strengthens us. I happened across a poem ďCount Your Blessings.Ē I believe we hinder our ability to do that if we are constantly so open and receptive to seeing the world in a negative way. Even suffering, crosses or insomnia can be a blessing in disguise. Isnít that what God makes graces out of? I just heard it said ďWhen we get down on our luck, weíll more likely get down on our knees.Ē

We should ask ourselves often, whatís really going to matter in the end?

Well, I knew this morning what for me it was to make it to Sunday Mass. I figured it was cool enough to walk about 1/3 of a mile. So I thought Iíd get some exercise and walk. By the time I reached St. Maryís Church, I wondered if I should have taken a couple of Osteo Biflex (for my knee), but I made it. To be receptive to the graces God pours out to us at church, His special home on earth, what a privilege it is for me to attend daily Mass. We all should appreciate the religious freedom we have. Many in the world donít have that, as their churches are being burnt and destroyed, people being killed for wanting to practice their faith.

Again, whatís really going to matter in the end? I donít believe it will be how much I saved with using coupons. I suppose the fact I made 1,000 pies and wrote countless articles isnít necessarily going to count either, however if I caused anyone to love God a little more from passing on inspirations from the Holy Spirit, surely it will count in the end. (Faith without works is dead.) It matters little how much material belongings or money we have managed to accumulate. Use some to help the poor. Jesus will say, I was hungry and you fed me. It doesnít matter what kind of car you have, if any, or how well you have done in sports.

We all have different gifts and talents. Use them well. Give God honor and glory (gratitude for them all).

Let us live, laugh and love - and pray in such a way so we donít hear God say to us at the end when we meet Him in judgment, I donít know you, depart from me. If we go through life consciously aware of whatís going to really matter in the end and donít sweat the small stuff, we will be filled with joy as God says, Oh yes, I know you, come into the joys of heaven forever. 


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