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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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More on sitcoms (10/13/2013)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Why do people watch sitcoms - er - sickcoms? They portray family situations that are nonexistent, except perhaps on some other planet? We believe the viewers of today’s sickcoms are mesmerized by extraterrestrial phenomena.

The sickcoms’ unintelligible, unsanitized words and unworldly antics shoot out at us in Gatling-gun fashion. Could it be that what these humans say and do originated from another planet? Oops! Sorry. Didn’t mean to insult our alien friends.

All this sickcom sickness began with just one sick moment. Now sickcoms would probably be an embarrassment to those of other worlds, if there were such extraterrestrial beings.

The War Department could use the pointless trash of sickcoms during wartime. They could force the enemy to view a witless sickcom and get all the information they could possibly want from enemy combatants. The only drawback? The enemy might lose his sanity before the end of the sickcom. The interrogators would have to limit the viewing time.

Everyone should be insulted by such buffoonery. The actors walk and talk like some brain dead ignoramuses.

How could the writers of such meaningless rubbish ever be proud? Proud of the dumbing down of America? Would they proudly say to family members, “Listen to what we have written. Isn’t it good?” Assuredly, every family member would become red-faced and would become filled with revulsion. A few baboons with notepads and pens could probably come up with no worse gobbledygook.

Until the mid-seventies, the writers of sitcoms were admired and respected! The entertainment of these sitcoms was wholesome. Every family member could watch these sitcoms and not be offended in any way. Are today’s writers of sickcoms worthy of our admiration and respect? Is the entertainment of today’s sickcoms wholesome? No. Today’s sickcoms are filthy...are full of out-of-this-world rubbish.

If we would view a sitcom of thirty years ago and then view a sickcom of today, we would then see the obvious grossness of today’s sickcom. They are gross to the max.

Hollywood actually gives awards for such contemptible junk. We need to come up with a new word that means far beyond stupidity. Maybe we could use this: dorkacity - something that a dull-witted nitwit says or does that is so stupid that it is not intelligible...is not of any value.

Writers should be able to write that which would not be objectionable, but it is entirely up to us - the viewers. If we continue to watch present-day sickcoms, change for the better will never come. Sickcoms will only become even more abnormal. Can we bring back the clean entertainment of yesteryear? Yes. It’s up to us.

Nearly everyone would agree that what we view on the TV screen today is unwholesome...is abnormal. We can bring about wholesome and normal programming, but again, this will only happen if we make a decision not to watch garbage on TV. Yes, we can put an end to sleazy sickcoms; the writers will be forced to write sitcoms that would be fit for viewing. 


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