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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Looking forward to a surprise! (10/13/2013)
From: T.M. Schoewe

Almost before we knew it, another summer was past and September has slipped away. Now we are in October. It is a wonderful month full of lots of things to look forward to. It is the beginning of the new fiscal year, and of course we are all looking forward to change in Washington D.C. and having this big “shutdown” turned into an “opened–up.”

Leaves of all colors are falling and so October is telling us another winter is on the way. Prepare for that! But there is much more. There is Halloween! As early as last week we saw some of the black and orange decorations on houses around the neighborhood and of course hundreds of pumpkins are now available for you to choose from, and not to just make pies out of. What a deal, especially for youngsters designing and carving out their first Jack-o-Lantern. Then of course the college kids can smash them on the streets when it is all over with. A couple of students on our street were wearing orange shirts with black jackets.

And alongside Halloween is the bigger “All Saints’ Day” and the trips to the cemetery. In conjunction with that in some churches is the celebration of their Protestant Reformation. And don’t forget turkey day! How can we? We can’t even make it through the month without being reminded by advertisements that another national Thanksgiving is coming. And what’s funny is that long before we’re through with Thanksgiving we’ll be reminded that Christmas is coming again and another church year is ending and we’ll of course need to hear about Judgment Day. There’s quite a lot if you think about it that happens in the month of October or that we’re reminded to look forward to or that is COMING!

We also are introduced to what is called the Old Advent season and a new year in the church, which is full of the word “coming;” the Lord’s promised coming into the world, His actual coming, His present coming and His coming again.

So, October you see, is the month which begins to tell us we have much to look forward to. And it is interesting to note that we have read several times that there is more death in October than any other month of the year, which of course reminds us all that we are getting older and of course one day closer to ours.

We live in a block that is close to the University. In this block of 16 houses, 11 are occupied by students. Walking around the blocks in our area the other day we saw four young ladies sitting on the front steps of the porch where they live. We stopped to chat with them and in the course of conversation for some reason we asked if they “believed in angels.” Three of them said “I don’t know” and the fourth one responded with an outright “no.” Then she said, “Oh, I remember, Christmas, yes, I guess I do.” Suddenly the conversation turned with the question “How old are you?” To my answer one said, “I don’t believe it! My dad is 65 and he looks oh so much older than you!” Then another said, “I don’t want to get old!” “Neither do I,” said another.

Here is a solution to October’s announcement that winter is coming and we are getting old and what you know is really coming. Open your Bible to the 11th chapter of old fisherman John, there you will find a conversation with “The Great One” Who came into the world with a young lady who thought she had lost her brother named Lazarus. Listen to what Jesus said to Martha, “I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.” Then there is the question, “Do you believe this?”

Yes or no, this can be your October surprise and hopefully something you can actually look forward to. 


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