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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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State school ratings revealed (10/20/2013)
By Jen Burris
Winona Area Public Schools (WAPS) Curriculum Director Jenny Bushman explained new state school achievement scores to the School Board on Tuesday, highlighting gains and losses measured among district schools.

The Minnesota Department of Education created a complex formula to measure academic growth and student performance. The new system is called Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR), and was part of Minnesota's waiver to the federal No Child Left Behind law. MMRs combine assessment test scores, year-to-year academic growth, attendance, graduation rates, and progress toward closing any achievement gaps between middle class white students and minority students. The system also provides a "Focus Rating" (FR) score to measure progress made in reducing the achievement gap over the previous year.

Schools without graduating seniors are graded on a 75 point scale, while schools with seniors are graded on a 100 point scale. The points are added and then divided by the total number of points on the scale for that school, leaving each school with an MMR percentage.

For Title I schools — schools with a high percentage of students from poor families — the MMR system classifies school progress in three categories: "Reward" schools are those with scores in the top 15 percent of Minnesota schools; "Priority" schools are those rated in the bottom five percent of schools; and "Focus" schools are the top 10 percent of schools based on how much the achievement gap between student subgroups has been reduced from the previous year. Schools not considered Title I facilities are not given a "Reward" or other designation. W-K Elementary, a Title I school, was given the highest designation as a "Reward" school. Goodview Elementary, which is not a Title I school, received the highest MMR score in the district with 99.05 percent.

This year some WAPS buildings faired better than others, with scores ranging from 21.73 percent to Goodview Elementary's 99.05 percent. Jefferson Elementary reported scores reduced by as much as 20 percent over last year, while W-K nearly doubled its scores from 2012. Goodview Elementary had the highest MMR rating in the district: 99.05 percent.

According to Bushman, the areas that require the most focus are special education, reading and Hispanic students' math scores. Math and reading scores for black students continue to lag behind the scores of white students in the district.

Rollingstone, W-K, Jefferson, Goodview, and the middle school made adequate yearly progress this year under the MMR system.

The data is very complex, Bushman explained, adding that district leaders could use the information to continue efforts to increase student achievement.

Board Member Jay Kohner asked if there was a way to dissect the data somehow. The data can be used to show which areas are in need of more help, and where the district should be focusing its energy, Bushman explained.

“We have to do it; we have to see improvements,” said board member Brian Zeller.

WAPS MMR, FR scores

This year’s MMR and FR scores are shown with 2012 scores and 2010-2011 initial calculations. Last year Jefferson Elementary was a Reward School, this year, they are eligible to become a state sanctioned Celebration School. NA states that there was not a large enough subgroup to calculate a rating.

Winona Senior High School

2013- MMR - 45.05 percent; FR - 13.56 percent

2012- MMR- 11.59 percent; FR- 9.41 percent

2010-2011- MMR 41.31 percent; FR 17.06 percent

Winona Middle School

2013- MMR - 36.81 percent; FR- 26.22 percent

2012- MMR- 37.61 percent; FR- 27.93 percent

2010-2011- MMR- 22.74 percent; FR- 26.22 percent

Winona Area Learning Center

2013- MMR - 42.12 percent; FR- NA

2012- MMR- NA; FR- NA

2010-2011- MMR- 41.91 percent; FR- NA

W-K Elementary (Reward School)

2013- MMR - 84.26 percent; FR- 81.12 percent

2012- MMR- 84.84 percent; FR- 86.28 percent

2010-2011- MMR- 46.16 percent; FR- 50.83 percent

Madison Elementary

2013- MMR - 21.73]; FR- NA

2012- MMR- 9.16 percent; FR- NA

2010-2011- MMR- 55.05 percent; FR- NA

Jefferson Elementary (Eligible for designation as a Celebration School)

2013- MMR - 61.15 percent; FR - 66.90 percent

2012- MMR- 87.10 percent; FR- 92.82 percent

2010-2011- MMR- 85.66 percent; FR- 80.89 percent

Goodview Elementary

2013- MMR - 99.05; FR - NA

2012- MMR- 99.39 percent; FR- NA

2010-2011- MMR- 86.66 percent; FR- NA

MMR and FR scores for other area schools

The most recent scores are listed below, along with 2012 and 2010-2011 scores for comparison. St. Charles Elementary School, Wabasha-Kellogg Elementary School, and Ridgeway Community School were all designated as Reward schools. NA stands for not available due to insufficient subgroups.

Lewiston-Altura Elementary School:

2013- MMR- 98.75 percent; FR- NA

2012- MMR- 56.21 percent; FR- 61.44 percent - celebration eligible

2010-2011- MMR- 78.14 percent; FR- 89.94 percent

Lewiston-Altura Intermediate Elementary School:

2013- MMR- 70.57 percent (27.20 percent); FR- 79.13 percent (48.07 percent)

2012- MMR- 21.25 percent; FR- 60.93 percent

2010-2011- MMR- 27.20 percent; FR- 48.07 percent

Lewiston-Altura Secondary School:

2013- MMR- 18.96 percent; FR- NA

2012- MMR- 55.30 percent; FR- 32.96 percent- celebration eligible

2010-2011- MMR- 40.01 percent; FR- 42.50 percent

St. Charles Elementary School:

2013- MMR- 63.10 percent; FR- 72.86 percent

2012- MMR- 83.46 percent; FR- 86.15 percent- Reward

2010-2011- MMR- 73.54 percent; FR- 71.84 percent

St. Charles Secondary School:

2013- MMR- 63.10 percent; FR- 74.87 percent

2012- MMR- 87.61 percent; FR- 88.82 percent

2010-2011- MMR- 73.54 percent; FR- 93.05 percent

Bluffview Montessori School:

2013- MMR- 27.41 percent; FR- 66.40 percent

2012- MMR- 66.26 percent; FR- 74.27 percent - celebration eligible

2010-2011- MMR- 42.54 percent; FR- 52.32 percent

Riverway Learning Community:

2013- MMR- 37.80 percent; FR - NA

2012- MMR- NA; FR- NA

2010-2011- MMR- NA; FR- NA

Ridgeway Community School:

2013- MMR - 46.75 percent; FR- NA

2012- MMR- 95.69 percent; FR- NA - reward

2010-2011- MMR- 78.92 percent; FR- NA

Dakota Area Community Charter School:

No scores given as subgroups tested were too small

Rushford-Peterson Elementary:

2013- MMR - 63.07 percent; FR - 71.74 percent

2012- MMR- 38.96; FR- 57.50 percent

2010-2011- MMR- 52.69 percent; FR- 61.63 percent

Rushford-Peterson Middle School:

2013- MMR - 90.59 percent; FR- 93.78 percent

2012- MMR- 75.45 percent; FR- 75.9 percent

2010-2011- MMR- 87.04 percent; FR- 84.72 percent

Rushford-Peterson High School:

2013- MMR- 56.51 percent; FR - NA

2012- MMR- 67.34 percent; FR- 60.57 percent

2010-2011- MMR- 82.75 percent; FR- 77.29 percent

Wabasha-Kellogg Elementary:

2013- MMR- 63.06 percent; FR- 78.45 percent

2012- MMR- 79.92 percent; FR- 88.5 percent - celebration eligible

2010-2011- MMR- 81.59 percent; FR- 77.59 percent

Wabasha-Kellogg Secondary:

2013- MMR - 87.72 percent; FR - 88.98 percent

2012- MMR- 62.92 percent; FR- 58.05 percent

2010-2011- MMR- 47.53 percent; FR- 36.61 percent 


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