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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Letís change the world (10/20/2013)

From: Mary Zimmerman


I donít want to bring doom and despair into anyoneís life. The world is in desperate need of hope, we the people need to find hope in ourselves, and in Godís great mercy.

It kinda seems like the whole world is at war. We must value human life, starting with the very small and helpless - babies. Why do so many of them receive the death sentence nowadays? What have they done? They didnít ask for life but once they were conceived they have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It just seems to me we donít go about peace in the right way. We rely on guns and bombs, while it should be more on prayer and Godís commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. That can change the world. Itís really not that hard, just a smile, a kind word or deed can be contagious and cause a ripple effect. Learn about St. Theresa the Little Flower, feast day October 1. She just did little things but with great love. It made her a saint and a doctor of the church.

We all have that chance in a lifetime to do our part in making this a better world. Donít pass up any opportunity that may come your way. We donít know the hour or the day that we may lose that opportunity. This brings me back to my article ďThe Hand of GodĒ where I describe the night I almost died, my son finding me unconscious at 1 a.m. on my bedroom floor 15 minutes away from deathís door. Iím also thinking now of my brother-in-law Mark Zimmerman recently suffering a heart attack but a nurse just happened to be in his store to give him CPR. The hand of God? I think so. Mark, I guess your work here isnít done yet and I surely know mine isnít, or so it seems.

Letís consider the following prayer I wrote to lead us toward a better world.

Lord open our hearts to let you in.

Open our eyes, oh Lord, that we may see you in everyone we meet. Open our ears, oh Lord, that we may hear your word from all who proclaim it. Open our mouth, oh Lord, to proclaim to the world your mercy. Open our hearts, oh Lord, to let you in, never, never to cause you to leave because of sin. Let us be committed to follow you, whatever crosses may come our way. Please Lord walk beside us every day to lift our burdens along the way. Let us not be so concerned of this world below but Heaven above where all is consumed in love. Let us walk the road of life slow enough to notice those in need, the hungry help us to feed, the depressed, let us hold their hands lest they fall, too weak to stand. The imprisoned, let our love set them free. Lord help us to live our lives for others. We are all brothers in Christ. Lord open our hearts to let You in. 


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