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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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God is calling you (10/27/2013)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Yes, God calls to each one of us every day (itís up to us to seek out enough silence to hear Him) as the Holy Spirit or our guardian angel puts inspirations into our mind (thatís the manner in which I write) as well as speaking through other holy men and women, and surely through the present Holy Father, Pope Francis. ďIf today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.Ē Now exactly what does that mean? I think it means to have an open heart and mind to hear the Word of God, then you yourself do your part to spread the gospel, as faith formation teachers, parents to children, grandparents to their grandchildren, then open your hearts and minds to grasp the messages we hear proclaimed by our pastors, just to name a few. God calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves. We all have so many opportunities to do that, we just need to be aware and recognize them.

God asks us to forgive our enemies (forgive and you will be forgiven), forgive and forget, in other words, bury the hatchet. With Godís help (grace) you can do this, as we come to realize we accomplish nothing without it. God continuously calls out to us. He wishes for us to talk to Him as well. During the Christmas season we call out, Come Lord Jesus, Come. He really wants to hear those words all year long. Just calling out (praying) the name ďJesusĒ is a complete prayer in itself.

Recently Father Jim at St. Maryís mentioned we all have so many worries and anxieties. Well, thatís the truth but we as parents and grandparents surely need to be concerned, but then prayerfully cast our cares upon the Lord, then trust.

I think if we could all momentarily have a glimpse of heaven and hell, surely weíd all listen for and hear Godís call all through our lifetime. Then one day you will hear God call one last time, come to me my loved one and I will bring you home to heaven for all eternity.

I also like to remind my readers now and then, if you meet me and then forget me you have lost nothing. If you meet Jesus and forget Him, not listening to Him calling you, you have lost everything.

P.S. This is your day Harley (our granddaughter). Happy Birthday. Godís blessings upon you and all my readers. Jim and I pray every night for you. 


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