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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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The Great River Guys (11/01/2013)
Who is a stakeholder?

Lee: Weíre back. Iím Lee.

Doug: And Iím Doug - and together we are the Great River Guys - the new executive team at the Great River Shakespeare Festival-

Lee: And the writers of this weekly column in the Post where we talk Shakespeare, art and the Winona scene. This week weíre talking about the Stakeholdersí Meeting.

Doug: Stakeholders. You know, I had to look that up. The dictionary said a stakeholder is ďa person with an interest or concern in something.Ē

Lee: That sounds right.

Doug: Well, isnít that a lot of people? Everyone with an interest or concern in the Great River Shakespeare Festival?

Lee: Sure, it starts with the people who love the plays each summer, but if we are doing this right, itís much more than that. We hope everyone in the region is a Stakeholder.

Doug: Great. Iíll order catering for 150,000 people. How will they all fit in the History Center?

Lee: I donít think weíll get quite that many. But if you are reading this column, you are a stakeholder.

Doug: And Great River Shakespeare is your festival. So donít worry we can cater to everyone.

Lee: I like that, a different use of cater. Sort of.

Doug: What I mean is all of Winona, all of the region can enjoy our free music concerts, affordable but world class productions, our year round special events.

Lee: Which begin this coming Monday, so donít think of us as just a summer fling.

Doug: Join us this Monday, November 4th, 5 to 7 at the Winona County History Center at 160 Johnson Street for what every year proves to be a lively Stakeholdersí Meeting.

Lee: Weíll have some food, a cash bar, and as always when fans of GRSF get together, great conversation.

Doug: Weíll talk about plans for next season and celebrate successes from last year.

Lee: Be a Stakeholder. Itís more fun than Comedy of Errors.

Doug: Donít over sell it.

Lee: Itís more fun than Titus Andronicus. Get it? Thatís the scary Shakespeare where somebody kills, cooks, and eats somebody. Thought Iíd make a Shakespearean Halloween reference.

Doug: Wonderful, Lee, thanks. Theyíll be knocking the doors down now. At our Stakeholders event no characters, only hors díoeuvres will be eaten. Weíll see you Monday - and back here in the Post next week.



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