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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (11/10/2013)
By Al Owne
I can tell things are getting back to normal; I goofed up a batch of pancakes last Sunday. I mixed the mix according to the directions on the box with Aunt Jemima smiling at me, but they looked a little thick. I thought about putting some more water in, but thatís a slippery slope kind of like shortening table legs. It was too thick and so the first cakes were kind of like round sofa pillows. Then I added some water re-stirred and made one large, pretty nice pancake. Of course, I ate the fat ones adhering to my ďIf you cook it, you eat itĒ philosophy (unless it will make you sick).

Veterans Day is coming tomorrow and I hope the weather will be better than last year. I admire those who stand outside for the 24 hour vigil. I donít think Iíll participate this year even on one of the pleasant afternoon shifts. What do we have after Veterans Day? By gosh, I believe itís Thanksgiving. Iím not sure about my plans, but I believe I overheard some people talking about going out to a place with cloth napkins for dinner. I mean, I have cloth napkins and several sets of napkin holders, but that would be some kind of false advertising to use them with my food preparation. If I hear any more about that plan, Iíll have to modify my second annual pumpkin pie baking day. Iíll keep you posted. I will always remember one of my grandchildren saying ďGrandma, I really like Thanksgiving (we were expecting some religious statement) because all you have to do is eat!Ē I guess there is a certain amount of truth in that.

Summer came and went and I havenít made my traditional ďSummer SludgeĒ yet. I noticed the cans of lemonade and orange juice in the freezer. Well, I guess we could call it ďSuper Bowl Sludge,Ē couldnít we? I donít want to keep that frozen juice until spring. Iíve found that doesnít work too well.

I mentioned having lost my mother as a small, eight-year-old child, to someone who made some remarks that got me thinking about that tragic situation. A few weeks later, a guy friend in my age group mentioned the same subject and described losing his father at a similar age. We agreed that people in those days, the 1930s, maybe didnít quite understand the emotional toll that takes on a child. I certainly hope that things have gotten better in that area. Iím aware of a family with a young boy who lost his father. When I asked, I was told he was handling it well, ďÖlike a little man.Ē I about dropped over when I heard that. I went from a happy school kid to a failing trouble-maker overnight. I squeaked through the year with 14 Fís while one of my friends failed with 15. The adults around me helped me by yelling at me at school and home. I didnít have trouble in school with other kids bullying me; it was the adults.

On a more pleasant topic; winterís coming! We missed this last snow, but I doubt our good luck will hold up. Be prepared!

God bless our veterans living and those who have gone on before us.

You can reach Al by e-mail at alnada2704@gmail.com.



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