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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Last words (11/17/2013)
From: Merle Hanson

I died like I wanted, in the arms of the person I loved. My body kind of tingled as I left this space and I thought of her.

I knew from the day you walked into my life that there was no other place. I so loved to walk and I was proud to be seen with the girl I loved. I smile from afar and see she is feeling good about our time. It is good to be on the same page.

We walked grasses and sidewalks. We thought and talked until we knew what each other was saying. We would sit when it was time to sit and walk when walking was right.

She took me on road trips to places that my long ago forefathers saw. I could feel kin when the wind blew right and I felt safe as we walked together. The next hill was another journey and more to learn and I smiled. I remember on one of those road trips a song about a peaceful, easy feeling. That is how I felt.

Those early car rides got my stomach churning. I would feel trapped and confined and breathing was hard. I was dignified, so the mess I left made me sad and she would smile and break my heart. She barreled right through that anxiety until I came to enjoy those long, road trips.

She was always in a race to be in the moment and she was fun. She brought life into my life and when we met I was down in the dumps. Without her, the gatekeeper was saying you were probably dead in no time.

We could read each other. We knew when to sit and lie down. We used to sit under the tree and out by the dock. We would lie together and she would pull out a bottle of wine. I could get some distance as she drifted into the world that wine brings. The scents and sounds of the refuge filled my soul and the old smells of deer and geese and fox made my history come alive.

I would sometimes see a long-lost relative that was just a ghost when the wind rippled the water and the sun warmed my face. I was young for another moment but father time was calling and I struggled saying goodbye.

I needed help with steps and stairs and getting into the car was hard on the bones. I felt your love as my heartbeat grew more quiet. Your love let me walk to the couch, wag my tail or look and you would bring food and drink or take me for a walk. The best life a dog could ever imagine and Iíll keep a candle burning till I see you again. 


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