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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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The Great River Guys (11/20/2013)

Funny things happened on the way to Winona

Lee: Weíre back. Iím Lee

Doug: And Iím Doug - and we are the Great River Guys - the new executive team at the Great River Shakespeare Festival-

Lee: And this week we wanted to update you on what our fabulous company is doing when they arenít working for you in WInona.

Doug: Yes, as you know, Great River Shakespeare Festivalís artists and actors work all year round in some of the finest theaters in the country. We thought you might love to know a few of the exciting projects some of your favorite designers, directors, and performers are working on before summer when they will be making magic right here in Winona.

Lee: So, we are going to pull some of them into the conversation right now, through the magic of the interweb as my Aunt Hazel so incorrectly calls everything digital.

Doug: First up, the busiest man in the American theater, Paul Barnes, our former Artistic Director, and the director of the Merry Wives of Windsor this summer:

Paul Barnes: Hello Winona. Canít wait to be back with you all soon. After leaving Winona, I directed Macbeth at the Hillberry Theater in Detroit, a reading of Michael Raverís new play, Fire on Babylon, at Manhattan Theatre Clubís Creative Center in New York and Our Town at Southern Oregon University with Jim Edmondson (director of King Lear, Henry V and this seasonís Hamlet) as the Stage Manager. Right now, Iím directing The Mousetrap at the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis with our own Tarah Flanagan in the cast.

Tarah Flannigan: Hello Post readers. I am also scrambling to finish filming on Darwin:The Series with my favorite actor and husband Chris Gerson-

Chris Gerson: And I am producing and starring in Darwin which involves a whole slew of GRSF people including Kate and Ryan Fonville, Greg Ivan Smith, Michael Fitzpatrick, Meg Weedon, Brian White and more. Thank you to everyone in Winona who helped us out with our Kickstarter campaign.

Doug: Lonnie Alcaraz, lighting designer, what are you up to?

Lonnie Alcaraz: I just opened the two most produced shows in the country right now 4,000 Miles at South Coast Repertory Theater and Venus in Fur at San Diego Repertory.

Jonathan Gillard Daly: Hello Dear Winona! Iím up to my usual fall activity: working at Milwaukee Repertory Theater. I was in Ragtime, and now Iím in tech for Noises Off. Iíll be at the Rep until February, and then Iím going to take some time off--like about three monthsí worth---for the first time in about 30 years. Iím really looking forward to doing some writing and maybe a little traveling. But the big news is Gale.

Lee: Gale Childs Daly, long time GRSF text coach and director of next seasonís Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, whatís up?

Gale Childs Daly: Well, most of you may know I am spending the fall in Winona. I just directed The Government Inspector at St. Maryís University, and Iím teaching in their undergraduate program. In addition to that, a production of my adaptation of Great Expectations is a hit in Chicago at Strawdog Theatre. The Chicago Tribune, in their review, called it one of the best productions in Strawdogís twenty-year history.

Michael Fitzpatrick: You go Gale! Hello all, this is Michael Fitzpatrick, and in addition to becoming the newest member of the Italian-American review Thatís Amore, Iím playing Mr. Fezziwig in Denver Center Theaterís A Christmas Carol, and have just been cast in their production of Animal Crackers that closes the day before GRSF begins. So... Pretty busy!

Chris Mixon: Hey Michael Iím a Fezziwig too. Chris Mixon here, and Iím at the Geva Theatre up in Rochester, New York. Iím playing Mr. Fezziwig and the Ghost of Christmas Past in A Christmas Carol. It is so much fun being here for the first time and working with so many old friends, and making so many new ones. Such a small world!

Doug: Yes it is Chris. As for myself: after finishing the run of Ordinary Days at Nautilus Music-Theater in St. Paul, I went to St. Louis to direct The Very Last Green Thing for Opera Theater of St. Louis. Right now, Iím at the Guthrie choreographing fights for Born Yesterday.

Rob Thomas: Hey guys its me Rob Thomas. Iím Company Manager, but I am also in the current radio Show at Theater du Mississippi opening next week, and I was in TDMís last show: The Drowning Man, written by GRSF Production Manager Dan Munson and directed by that other Great River Guy, Lee Gundersheimer.

Lee: So you see, GRSF is full of great talents that work all year honing their craft to bring you the best theater possible each summer.

Doug: Next week we want to tell you about our latest staff members, Emily Kurash, our new Director of Marketing, and Will Kitchen, our Development Consultant.

Lee: Itís an exciting season 11 coming up here at GRSF, so fasten your seat belts-

All: And we look forward to bringing Winona the best Great River Shakespeare Festival yet!



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