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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (11/24/2013)
By Al Owne
I thought it would be a culinary breakthrough for breakfast. I should have known better; if any of the female members of the family had been around, they would have said, ďYouíre going to mix what with what? Youíve got to be kidding!Ē Saturday is my egg day on the weekend and Sunday is my pancake/waffle day. Egg days have become kind of boring. Even with a slice of bologna and cheese fried with the egg; it has just become kind of blah. So I had this vision. Thereís a freezer container with a couple of slices of pizza. Why not put that in the frying pan, break two eggs over it and there you go. Iíve eaten leftover pizza for breakfast; what could go wrong with adding eggs?

Maybe if it was just cheese pizza it would have worked better, but this had cheese and peperoni along with peppers and onions. The piece of pizza took up residence in the middle of the egg pan and instead of the eggs mixing with it as I imagined, they each plopped down on the side of the pizza like they were escorting it to the prom. Oh, I ate it of course, but it did not look appetizing nor did it taste very good. Letís just say we can take that off good ideas for breakfast or for any meals for that matter.

Sunday morning I went with pancakes and I used my vision for the mixture rather than the recipe. Yes, I put in a little extra water and they turned out great. I also made two rather large pancakes this time. In the past, I was making two medium size pancakes, then used the rest of the batter to make one bigger one. I noticed that when I ate pancakes at commercial eateries, they were always bigger than the ones I made, so I decided to switch methods. Of course, I used my favorite Aunt Jemima mix, which takes only water.

Speaking of eating out, I ate out more in the last two weeks than any time (other than being on trips) since Iíve been widowed. I even broke my rule of eating out no more than once a day and hit the prepared food circuit twice in one day two or three times. I somehow lost quite a bit of weight in my recent medical adventures and I thought eating out would help me gain a little back. Weird, eh? I went from trying to lose weight for years to trying to gain some. My body must think Iím losing my mind instead of weight.

Iíve done a little cleaning on some of these cold wet days weíve been having. I think Iím about up to May in my spring cleaning routine. Iíve been cleaning the insides of windows along with the screens I can get to without opening the windows for long periods of time. I should be about done by April then I can start over. I go along with the old saying; ďCleanliness is next.Ē

I will always answer your e-mails if I can figure out how; alnada2407@gmail.com.



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