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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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LGA boost strengthens Minnesota communities (12/08/2013)
From: Randy Wilson

In recent weeks there has been a flare-up of discussion at the State Capitol and in editorial pages across the state regarding property taxes and cities’ use of the $80 million boost to local government aid (LGA) approved by the Legislature at the end of the 2013 session. Many have expressed concern that despite the increase in aid, preliminary levies for cities are slated to increase 2.1 percent, rather than go down. However, after 10 years of being battered by cuts, stagnant funding and the Great Recession, I urge those critics to look at what is happening in our cities through a different lens.

The money that Governor Dayton and the Legislature brought to cities during the 2013 session did exactly what it was designed to do. It allowed cities to hold the line on property taxes (or in some cases reduce them) and restore much-needed critical services that had fallen victim to years of significant cutbacks. A look into the past will give us a little perspective on the 2.1 percent preliminary levy increase:

• The state-wide average property tax increase of 2.1 percent would be the third-lowest increase in the past 25 years.

• A 2.1 percent levy increase is less than half of the annual average increase (5.3 percent) that cities experienced over the past 10-year period.

Any city leader can rattle off a lengthy list of delayed infrastructure projects, positions eliminated or forced to remain vacant, purchases deferred, wages frozen and services reduced in the last decade. The 2013 Legislative Session provided cities a chance to restore and catch up on some of those needs, if only a little bit:

Governor Dayton and the majority in the Legislature took a political risk by investing in local governments, and local leaders of every political persuasion are grateful for their courage and faith in us. I urge those legislators and policymakers to take pride in the accomplishments of the last legislative session and start planning on how to use the upcoming session to capitalize on the gains that were made.

In the case of the preliminary local government levy numbers, the focus should not be on whether the total levy experiences a slight increase or decrease. Rather, the focus should be on how cities are using their money to benefit their residents. Are communities safer because an extra cop is on the beat or a reliable snowplow is ready to go for the next blizzard? Do we have better infrastructure to support business growth? Are we treating our city employees fairly by approving a small wage increase? Instead of looking solely at numbers or percentages, we must look at the bigger picture which shows that most cities have been able to keep property taxes in check while at the same time make their communities stronger.

Randy Wilson is the mayor of Glencoe, Minn., and president of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities.



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