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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (12/15/2013)
By Al Owne
When I read last Sundayís column, I was kind of embarrassed about how dumb I sounded. After a long counseling session with one of my kitchen savvy sons, Iíve decided that I just donít have the right stuff for fancy baking operations. I know Iíve said it before, but when your own flesh and blood gives it to you straight, itís time to change your ways. I donít think I could live through a kitchen intervention. He said something that struck home. At the end of our conversation, he said, ďYou know youíre blessed there with several good bakeries, any one of which would have sold you a wonderful pumpkin pie for not much money. You could have enjoyed it and not endured the mess or the burns.Ē I finally got it, I think. Now, this doesnít mean that Iím not going to be active in the household business, just that Iím going to try not to get in over my head in the kitchen.

Itís kind of funny, but two of our sons turned out to be the cooks and bakers in the family while the daughters werenít really so hot. As you know, they certainly didnít get it from me.

Christmas time is coming. This is a hard time of the year for those of us who have lost mates. Itís hard to know how to approach it. Like the other big days, I try to remember some of the good times or some of the funny times that maybe werenít so good. Our first Christmas together was after Christmas; we were married December 27, because of traditional church rules at that time. We had a tree and all even though the big day was over. We lived in a furnished apartment and our landlady was an antique dealer; a wonderful woman, but our apartment was furnished with expensive junk. This led to some very interesting and amusing incidents in our early married life.

As far as remembering the best or worst or funniest Christmas, thatís pretty hard to do when you have more than 50 to choose from. I sort of just lean back in my recliner and pick one. I think I, and other widowed people, have to be careful not to spend too much time in the past. Itís nice to remember pleasant times, but I have to remember to live in the present.

I donít think Iíve ever seen so many good and bad Christmas ads on TV as I have this year. Knowing I have a weird sense of humor moderates my appreciation of some of those humorous commercials. At the risk of offending some ad people, I think children asking Santa for pick-up trucks will inspire very few adults to run down and fight the crowds they portray at the dealers and spring for a new expensive truck.

Iím glad one of my late wifeís missions was to make sure no one in the family ever ran out of Kleenex or toilet paper. Iíve been stricken with the common cold and Iím making quite a hole in the tissue supply, which I will fill after I heal.

Iíve got to finish my gift list; whereís that checkbook?



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