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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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The power of prayer and thanksgiving (01/12/2014)
From: Gayle Goetzman,


Have you ever laid ill in a hospital bed and prayed with all your heart for the good Lord to take away the pain and heal your miserable self so you could continue to fulfill your human earthly purpose? Have you ever cried daily for weeks, recounting the few past life regrets you made, due to poor human choices, but then remembered the hundreds of lifeís blessings youíve enjoyed also? Then after speaking your plight to others, you discover you are much better off then they! When asking the doctor why this third operation in six years made me sicker than the others, he reminded me I wasnít getting any younger (go figure). With two months down and four more in recovery to go, some days are okay and others are better, I realized again how fully blessed I am living in Winona with Winona Health and its skilled staff just moments away. My life has been saved again! And again I am so very thankful. Yes, I missed my scheduled trip to Georgia, but Dr. Broghammer reminded me what I already knew - an operation was not avoidable - so being on the bus trip would have been much more painful and quick, proper medical help not possible!

Through these recent life experiences I am learning so much! Iíve always believed in treating all living things the way Iíd like to be treated and my greatest regret is that perhaps I did not always achieve that goal. Did I take the time to be as kind, loving, empathetic, compassionate, and forgiving as I wish to be? Oprah says, ďWhen we know better, we do better,Ē that was then and this is now and recalling lifeís many blessings far outweighs lifeís few regrets. Keeping a daily gratitude journal taught me this.

I am learning to live in the moment, a day at a time and being mindful of what Iím doing so I follow my proper life path. The path the universe has chosen for me. I pray to follow Godís commandments, to show and practice love by opening my heart to all possibilities, to trust that Godís love and mercy will lessen the worldís sadness and sin and that I can practice the love He wills for me to achieve in life. I pray to appreciate all life, to see the diversity and humor involved and to see how His love strengthens us by living through us. Iím learning to spend more time with loved ones, to cherish each moment like it was my last, rather than waiting until my loved one has passed, so there are no regrets.

During these holidays, I realize how all my life experiences have shaped my own life, how important prayer has been to my well-being and psyche, what opportunities I was given, even during the hard times. How grateful I am for my good family, friends, and the kind, skilled and available health care in Winona and Minnesota. Iím learning to forgive, even if I canít forget, those who have wronged or hurt me and my family in the past as I beg forgiveness from those Iíve knowingly and unknowingly wronged or hurt. Forgiveness will set us free!

My New Yearís resolution is to live my life with more passion and purpose! To show my immediate appreciation and love to all I meet. My family farm becomes a Century Farm in July. For those who remember the hay making, oat threshing, silo corn filling, motherís delicious meals, the softball games, horseback riding, and shows, horse drawn hay and sleigh rides, the holiday and birthday parties, the ski and sliding hill with tow, riding in school bus, etc., can share their memories during a free luncheon in July where weíll share our life stories, rejoice and be glad! (Time, date, and location to be announced.) 


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