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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (01/12/2014)
By Al Owne
Resolutions are really a good thing for the new year; keeping resolutions for the new year is really a hard thing to do. After I turned 80, I decided to make resolutions that were pretty easy to keep. I’m not going to play in traffic, was one of my favorite ones. At the end of the year, I could look back and say, “By gosh, I didn’t play in traffic this year.” I kept that New Year’s resolution, and feel pretty good. But if I made some of the more difficult resolutions, like losing weight or not eating chips, it made it pretty depressing because I usually broke them by January 4.

I just renewed last year’s resolutions this New Year’s at midnight. I quit running to answer the phone. I did that one OK (of course I can’t run). I couple of times, I’ve hurried out of a chair looking for a phone before I put on the brakes thinking I’ve got an answering machine and caller ID; I’ll call back. I didn’t do much scurrying this year either. One of last year’s was to quit scurrying. However, I am going to put one new one on the books: Don’t try to change recipes. I whipped up a batch of harder waffle mix (a mix that uses an egg and oil with the powder) last Sunday, and it looked too thick to me, so I used a little more water. So from now on, I just use the recipe word for word, letter for letter, teaspoon for teaspoon, with no creative changes. I think we’ll all be happier with that change.

Outside the kitchen I threw in one: I’m going to quit sitting and thinking while I tie my shoes. I’ve gotten in a habit of spending time sitting thinking about bygone days while getting dressed. I saw a T-shirt that said: “Sometimes I sits and thinks; and sometimes I just sits.” That has fit me recently and I don’t think it’s good for me.

I received notice from one of my half-sisters in St. Petersburg, Florida, that the city canceled a monthly citywide activity because of the cold – it was plus 47! She’s a native of that city and wonders about our ability to withstand the polar weather we’ve had recently. I think she also wonders about my inability to see the light and move to a more favorable climate. I also read a letter to the editor in a Twin Cities paper complaining about the softness of today’s children after school was canceled statewide. You know the kind; he walked five miles to school in 10 feet of snow uphill carrying 40 pounds of coal for the stove in the one-room school house. “By gosh, I was miserable, and I want kids today to be miserable too.” He probably drove his remotely started warm car to the post office to mail the letter.

My “really far away child” visited in time for some of the cold for old time’s sake. She went grocery shopping with me and it was really nice to have someone remind me to buy things and give me advice in my blundering grocery shopping; I really need it.

Enjoy the nice weather and hope it lasts for a while for us; we’ve had enough cold.



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