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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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A ‘new’ year (01/19/2014)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Today we have been given another new year. Perhaps we all know someone that wasn’t given this privilege. Since I am writing this and you are reading it, it means we are still here to keep on trying to improve our lives, both physically and spiritually.

Let’s tune in to see what Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life has to say concerning the new year.

The beginning of a new calendar year brings us special joy and hope. It is a reminder that time is a gift of God, given to us from His eternity, for us to use to prepare for eternity. The passing of each year and each day is meant to be an exchange with God: He gives us time and we give our days and years back to Him in service and love, bringing as much good as possible into the world and into the lives of others. The New Year is an opportunity to resolve, above all, to serve God faithfully: to believe more firmly, to hope more ardently, to love more generously. That is what makes a new year “happy,” and that is what leads us to the happiness that never ends.”

The word new can mean many different material things - cars, houses, etc. The beginning of a new year is a time as well to take inventory of our lives, to see where we need to make changes, bringing about a newness, leaving negative traits behind to take on the better, more positive habits. Only through God’s help can we hope to accomplish that. That in itself can lead us toward a more peaceful mind and heart. The mind sometimes becomes such a battlefield, trying to make the right decision. Call upon the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to guide you; He is my constant companion.

The Battlefield of the Mind (name of a book by Joyce Meyer), that’s where we fight the battle of temptation. Sometimes we lose, resulting in sin. However big or small it can trickle down into others’ lives. Sometimes we win the battle, which gives us peace of mind for the next battle which in turn gives others an example, strength and joy. The mind produces thoughts from whence come words that slide across the tongue and spill out into the mind of another, so make sure you have thoroughly inspected the words before you allow them to come forth, as they aren’t easily retracted.

Now I want to share a poem I believe Father Ginther sent me, called Each Day. Let’s try to live each day as the poem suggests, then surely this will be a Happy New Year.

Each Day

A new year just beginning,

Each day a fresh, new start,

To fulfill your hopes

And pursue the dreams

Sustained within your heart.

Put God in charge;

He’ll plant the seeds

Of affection, love and care.

Like a garden, your life will grow

With kindness flowering there.

And as you face the wonder

Of each day’s mysteries,

You’ll see God’s hand

Unfolding, daily, possibilities!

And as each day comes to a close,

Dream a dream or two,

Then with a prayer, thank dear God

For each day given you. 


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