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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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America’s woes. Who to blame? (01/19/2014)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Many of us can remember the days when there were very few divorces...very few babies born out of wedlock...very few problems with gambling...very few abortions...very few children disrespectful to parents or authority...very few problems with drug abuse...very few living immorally.

Compared to today’s numerous family woes, yesterday’s family woes were very few. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if we had retained the virtuous and desirous conduct of that era?

Now, the great exodus from good to abomination has negatively affected nearly every family. How can we stop the rapid acceleration toward wickedness? Perhaps if we were to rid the world of all Biblical Christians, then all the world’s woes would vanish; such as drug addiction, divorce, alcoholism, rape, murder, immorality, depression, suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, murder of defenseless babies, gambling, lying, cursing, cheating, stealing, wars, hatred, anger, molestation, pornography, etc. Perhaps if we were to rid the world of all the bad genes of heredity, then all America’s woes would disappear. Perhaps if we were to rid the world of all those who are against good, then these woes would no longer trouble us.

Who or what can be rightfully held responsible? Biblical Christians? Heredity? Those who have conformed to the dictates of fiendish bullies...those who are in agreement with the dictator of evil?

Research claims that heredity is the fault of all our problems. Why? Because bad genes are being passed on from one generation to the next. There will never be any factual documentation that would state: If we have any abhorrent behavioral problems, we probably inherited them from our parents or relatives (?). Now we have an excuse for any wrong behavior. If we believe this gene twiddle-twaddle, we need to create a new word — one that means far more ignorant than a nincompoop! We have obviously reached the zenith of ridiculousness by always blaming some thing or some one for all our woes.

It is absolute absurdity to blame the genes of our heredity. It is vile injustice to blame Biblical Christians for all the woes in America; however, it would be truthful if we blamed those that we know are guilty...which we know are wrongdoers...which we know are adversaries of good.

The vast majority (the giant) is also partly to blame for the woes in America, because we — the giant — have cowered to the demands of the itty-bitty bully. As a result of our cowardice, more and more victims are aligning themselves with the bully’s erroneous doctrine of heinous behavior.

There is only one preventative to divergence from good. It must be that we remain strong and unyielding against the evil one’s agenda. We must not allow his sinful ways to continue to be a part of the norm in America. His assistants are bullish individuals, but if we remain steadfast against these fiendish-led bullies, assuredly they will cower; after all we are the giant...the overwhelming majority. If we do as we should, as we can, the demanding voice of the cowering bully will soon become less than a whisper — will become inaudible.

Now we know why there are so many woes in America. We know it is the result of the unrighteous way in which many have chosen to live. Those to blame for America’s woes are those who continue to promote, support, and live an ill-fated lifestyle. Is anyone surprised?

Ponder II Chronicles 7:14 


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