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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Creationism (01/19/2014)
From: Steven Beyers

I hope that Finbar McMullen understands just how huge it is that he, who sides with evolution, took the trouble to drive to Westby to attend the LWBC creation conference.

Since it was his first exposure to a lot of the material presented, and a lot of it is disseminated in rapid-fire fashion to put out the most info in the allotted time, he may have misheard some things. That is why I like DVDs. It is easy to review.

One area in question is fossil formation. Most fossils are understood by most creationists to have formed during the flood of Noah, buried very rapidly. That explains why we can find fossils of jellyfish. Fossils still form today but only under the right conditions. A miner’s hat, a sack of flour, and a cowboy boot with the foot still inside have all been found fossilized.

There is one view that the universe is contained by a boundary of water, but that is not considered the source of the flood. The activity that split apart the continents, the “fountains of the great deep,” released a tremendous amount of water vapor which formed clouds, producing rain. During the flood, mountains rose, and eventually the ocean floor fell, draining the water off the land. There is still enough water in the oceans to bury the land to a depth of two miles if it were scraped flat.

It is true that disagreeing with the speaker’s biblical view about creation is not a salvation issue for an individual. Romans 10:9 says, “If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Now when that person shares the Gospel with someone else, telling them that one part of the Bible can be believed while another can be discarded, what’s to keep that seeker from disregarding all of it?

2 Timothy says that “All Scripture is God breathed...”.

Mr. McMullen states that taking the Bible as the inspired word of God is an act of faith, for which there can be no proof. The Hebrew Scriptures are 39 books written by many authors from Moses to Malachi (400 B.C.) over a 1,000 year period, but with one consistent theme.

No other book ever written can even be compared to the Bible in the area of fulfilled prophecy. Prophecy comprises 27% of the Bible, with 1,817 predictions on 700 topics. In Ezekiel 26 the destruction of the city of Tyre was predicted in great detail. The predicted rebirth of the nation of Israel after over 1,600 years of dispersion stands as a bold testament. But the hundreds of messianic prophecies that were fulfilled in Jesus’ first coming literally defy the odds. If only 50 of them came true with one individual, the chances of that happening are like comparing 1 to the number of electrons in the known universe, squared.

This can be added to the Bible’s historical, scientific, and medical knowledge. Baby boys are circumcised on the eighth day because vitamin K production began a few days before. And another clotting factor, prothrombin, is at 110% on day 8, higher than it will ever be again. How could Moses know this? It is my sincere hope and prayer that Mr. McMullen continues his investigation into the creationist point of view. One great starting point for hard science is the complimentary magazine “Acts and Facts” published by the Institute for Creation Research (icr.org.). Also, if I can be of any help in his journey it would be my great pleasure to do so. 


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