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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (01/19/2014)
By Al Owne
I hope you donít mind, but Iím going to make a late New Yearís resolution. When Iím making one of my fancy (?) breakfast meals, I should stay near the stove. I donít think throwing eggs or pancake batter in the pan and going to read the papers is a real good idea and may actually be part of my problems. I had a nice surprise. My really far away child had a chance to get here between the Polar Vortex cold spell, and our mini blizzard. It wasnít a long visit, but it was a nice visit. There was some wonderment when I said that we were out of the cold when the thermometer said -17, but things warmed up as predicted and by the time the departing aircraft took off it was very reasonable. Iíve had notice that the long return trip was uneventful and reasonable which is always a relief no matter how old the children are.

By the way, this child hooked me up to another computer mystery: Skype. So now I can talk to her in a sort of closed circuit TV. Itís amazing; we are truly in the 21st century. Three of my children are available on Skype so I can talk to them face to face and show them how far Iíve come putting the Christmas toy together.

Of course, with visitors, I did more eating out than usual, but I did get a chance to show off my cooking skills on Sunday morning when I made scrambled eggs with all kinds of good-for-you vegetables. I took it slow and easy with the eggs and they turned out pretty good.

You know I get disappointed in my kitchen skills, but I sometimes glance at a Twin Cities paperís food section on Thursdays and read about so-and-so who is the chef at the Hungry Scrambler. These people have gone to school, studied under famous French chefs, and usually have years of experience. With me it was just, ďYouíre on your own; hereís the frying pan, and thereís the stove; go to it.Ē Maybe I expect too much from my limited background. One of my favorite sayings in life is: ďJust because you own a hammer doesnít make you a carpenter.Ē Just because I own some frying pans and a Rachael Ray whisk, doesnít make me a chef.

I notice a number of obituaries in the Post lately. In case the survivors read this column already or are new to our group, I want to offer what I think is the most important advice for widowed people: donít try to do it alone; youíre going to need help. If you are a stubborn, independent person like me, itís hard to accept, but youíll find, like I did, that you canít do it alone. Try to get involved in a group if only to eat because youíll find this the loneliest time. Iíve tried the hermit approach to widowerhood; it doesnít work.

Did you notice that days are becoming longer? Spring is right around the corner, and that corner, and the corner over there, andÖwell, you know what I mean. Thereís hope! When people in other parts of the country mock our winters, I just tell them you canít appreciate spring if you donít have a winter. The harder the winter, the nicer the spring! Skype me at alnada2407@gmail.com  


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