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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Lame duck issues for Buffalo County Board (01/19/2014)
From: Craig Brooks

Buffalo City, Wis.

The Buffalo County Board has the majority of its member positions possibly having new members. Several current members are not running. (The most vocal leaders among them.) They call that being a lame duck. The election is April 1. Newly-elected County Board Supervisors take office a few weeks later.

All of the Lame Duck leadership are saying they donít want to leave some important, difficult issues for the new board members to deal with. Is that being nice and thoughtful or is it trying to ram through a personal agenda before leaving office? We canít know the motivation behind it, but we can, as local citizens and voters, let them know what we want. I, for one, sure wish they would let the new board make these important decisions. After all, they are the ones who have to live with them and carry them out over the next several years.

There are two such critical decisions I suggest be delayed for the new board and I ask that all consider contacting their County Board Supervisor to let them know what you think.

The first one that just came to light January 15 is the application by Glacier Sands to put in a frac sand loading facility across from the C-FC School. (Sound familiar?) The Zoning Committee Chair is pushing for that to be done ASAP with three special meetings on it in February and a plan for the full board to act on it March 4. That is not enough time for the affected public to know what is going on and to register their opinions.

The second major one has not been publicly discussed. That is the hiring of a County Administrative position. The current County Board Chair has been carrying out those duties. He is one of the lame ducks. The job description for this seems new and sure seems to be narrowly focused as to qualifications. Some say it is so narrowly focused as to limit the choice to a specific individual. I noticed the qualifications didnít even seem to list education or experience in public administration. I suggest the new board needs to have the say in what the job description is, what the job qualifications are and who gets hired. They are the ones who have to work with the new hire.

So, please let your County Board rep know what you think about lame duck actions. And, remember to vote in the April 1 election.



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