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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Sin is contagious (01/26/2014)
From: Mary Zimmerman


We know there are many wars raging at the present time, killing babies. Iíll mostly focus on the war on souls. Yes, Satan is fighting relentlessly for our souls. Those of our children and grandchildren he just tries to slip into our lives in a sly manner, hoping he will go unnoticed or recognized. He knows if he can start a trend with just a few, others will follow. Yes, sin is contagious. In thinking about many issues at this time: abortion, same sex marriages, the drug and alcohol epidemic, the priest scandal (Iíll expand on that another time), just to name a few.

Letís refer to Godís commandments. Oh, I know they arenít very popular anymore, some hate the sight of them. The Ten Commandments: what is it you donít understand about the one, ďThou shalt not kill?Ē That would include any murder, unjust wars, and surely the tiny innocent babies. Let us focus once again on one of the saddest days in history - January 22, 1973. Saying itís lawful to kill babies, thatís manís law, not Godís. I canít believe this hideous crime goes on and on. Over 56 million babies and counting. I recently read this means one-fourth of all babies conceived in the U.S. since 1973 have been aborted. Abortion is a big business in the U.S. The biggest player in the abortion industry is Planned Parenthood - responsible for committing over 300,000 abortions a year, raking in over 542 million of your tax dollars last year alone. Surely abortion isnít in the best interest of the baby, who dies from it, and often leaves the mother seriously wounded and suffering. Iíd just say repent and seek Godís mercy. He wants to forgive you and comfort you.

Today we are sadly dealing with same sex marriages. Didnít God tell Adam and Eve - male and female - to become as one flesh, bringing forth new life in the world?

Then thereís the drug and alcohol epidemic and to a certain extent even smoking or eating to excess. God gave us one body, we are to take the best possible care of it as to last a lifetime.

We as Christians need to be soldiers for Jesus Christ. Put on your armor of faith and encourage church attendance. We as Christians are always to have hope, to seek to do Godís will, then trust He hears and answers our prayers.

I especially have a deep feeling to help young people. I think Satan especially picks on them. He says, come, come dance with me. Iíll show you a good time. The world is yours. But God says come follow me, Iíll lead you to heaven.

Come on, letís all join in the army of God. No one is too old or sick to cry out to God, ďFor the sake of your sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.Ē

Yes, sin is contagious, but so is love, laughter and holiness. Choose God - choose heaven.



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