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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Al Owne in the kitchen (02/02/2014)
By Al Owne
What is it; feed a cold and starve a fever or the other way around? No matter, Iím suffering from either the flu or a cold. It seems like Iíve been sick off and on since the first of December. Of course weíve gone back to winters of the Ď70s and Ď80s when we had a series of bad winters. One thing about living in the Upper Midwest is the weather always gives you something to talk about. There are two sayings about the weather Iíve always liked: Mark Twain reportedly said, ďEveryone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.Ē The other is anonymous, ďThe worse the winter, the nicer the spring.Ē

There was a minor weather-related tragedy in my neighborhood. In one of the violent winds during our cold spells, a squirrelís nest was blown down from a tall ash tree onto a neighborís garage roof. I donít think there were any casualties, but I didnít go look. There are no tracks around it in the new snow, so maybe everyone escaped.

I was pretty much laid low by a cold around Christmas so I thought Iíd send New Yearís cards. Friday, January 31, is the Chinese New Year and I might squeak by. This year is the Year of the Horse. The Chinese name their years after 12 animals, including rat, snake, and obviously horse. Being born in a certain animalís year predicts your role in life. The way I feel right now I could have been born in the year of the slug.

I told you that my far, far-away child made it home for a few days during our Polar Vortex period of winter. And Iíve been hooked up to Skype. If you have a camera in your computer, laptop, I-pad, or smart phone, you can contact someone visually. Itís amazing! The only problem as I see it is your own picture shows up in a small screen on your device so you have to continually see yourself. My grandfather had to have a private line telephone for his work, otherwise we would have been on a party line like most people. I still remember that number 5-9-5-G. Now this.

I know there are many people in my predicament who eat most of their meals out, and I can certainly see why. However a recent news article, on my I-pad, said that we would be better off cooking and eating at home. According to this story weíd all be happier, healthier, and more emotionally stable if we prepared our own meals. It didnít say anything about using prepared food from Marie, or Aunt Jemima. Of course the person who wrote the article also wrote a book that you can buy.

Speaking of prepared food, I havenít had a chance yet to search the groceries for the handy squeeze bottle of pancake batter, so I canít update you on that. You can be assured that I will find, buy, and use that promising product and give you an update.

I donít know what to say about winter except, ďStay warm and be careful.Ē Thanks to those of you who have e-mailed me. Itís alnada2704@gmail.com



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