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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Seattle Slew (02/05/2014)
By Patrick Marek
The Super Bowl never had a chance. After watching Snowball lead the North Shore Bengals to a thrilling last second victory in the Kitty Bowl, I was primed to watch an NFL championship for the ages. With Denver’s record setting 606-point offense taking on the league’s stingiest defense, I was prepared for thrills, spills, and a replay determined finish. Unfortunately, the big game’s most entertaining moment turned out to be a Toyota commercial featuring “Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.”

The Seahawks 43-8 humiliation of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos was unsatisfying on nearly every level, but it did provide a definitive answer to an age-old question. When an irresistible force collides with an immovable object, call the paramedics, because the force is going to get destroyed, and it’s not going to be a pretty sight. Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” made Denver’s big receiving corps look slow and awkward, while Peyton Manning folded under the constant pressure of the Seahawks front seven. Manning set a Super Bowl completion record with 34 passes to his own receivers, but his two interceptions, including one for a touchdown, might have forever tarnished his legacy.

For Vikings fans, Super Bowl XLVIII might have some unexpected silver linings. For one thing, it should at least provide partial salve for Minnesota’s four Super Bowl debacles. When the subject of the Vikings’ past Super Bowl performances comes up in conversation, fans can now say:

“At least we didn’t stink it up like the Broncos in 2014.” It’s a small comfort, but when the Packer faithful get on one of their championship rants, it might distract them enough to start talking about Russell Wilson’s

Badger pedigree (while they order another beer). If that doesn’t work try saying: “That Eddie Lacy…he’s a hell of a back.” That should be good for a couple of hours of cheesy poetry.

Viking fans should also feel good that the team hired a coach with a history of building ball-hawking, aggressive defenses. It’s a hackneyed truism, but if Seattle’s Super Bowl performance proves anything, it’s that “defense wins championships.” Minnesota’s defense has more holes than my sock drawer, but the draft and free agency are rich in talent on the defensive side of the ball. If Rick Spielman can load up the roster with defensive prospects, Mike Zimmer has a reputation for putting players in situations where they can overachieve and be successful.

The Super Bowl signals the long winter of discontent for Minnesota NFL football fans, but there are some notable dates to look forward to. This week Matt Cassel has the opportunity to void the second year of his contract. The Vikings can also void Cassel’s contract, but have to do it by March 18th to avoid any salary cap ramifications. Hopefully, Minnesota will scour the free agent market (Josh McCown would look good in purple), and find someone who is an upgrade over the inconsistent, inaccurate Cassel. The NFL Combine begins on February 19th, and the NFL Draft is May 8-10th at

Radio City Music Hall. Watch the Post for complete coverage of the draft and training camp. Until then…“Stay purple my friends.” 


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